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Meet Club La Santa athlete Camilla Pedersen

Triathlete Camilla Pedersen visits Club La Santa three to four times a year and during her training camps, the former Long Distance World Champion stays busy. As a professional triathlete and ambassador for the resort she spends three to eight hours training every day and also gives inspiring lectures for the guests. Meet Denmark’s Sports Person of the Year 2014 for a talk about living the dream every day and how to reach the top again and again while learning how to use her body in a new way.


February 15th 2017

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Meet Club La Santa ambassador Michelle Vesterby

Michelle Vesterby has been visiting Club La Santa her whole life and calls the resort her second home. With the amount of time spent as the ambassador for Club La Santa and many hours of daily training, the IRONMAN Lanzarote 2012-winner’s relation to Club La Santa has only become closer and her focus stronger. Meet Michelle Vesterby for a talk about never giving up, why she lets the others win during training, and her very special relation to Club La Santa.


February 16th 2017

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New Cannondale bikes

Get ready for a whole new cycling experience at Club La Santa with the new fleet of 300 bikes from Cannondale. This summer we changed all of our 180 alu bikes (road and MTB) that you can use free of charge. In December we received all the new carbon bikes that can be rented. Take a look at all the bikes in the gallery.


January 3 2017

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Ironman Lanzarote: Be a part of our history

The adventure of Club La Santa IRONMAN Lanzarote starts again May 20th 2017 when the 26th edition of one of the world’s hardest IRONMAN triathlons takes place. According to Club La Santa’s Event Director, Kenneth Gasque, the secret behind the popular race are authenticity, tradition and the unique Club La Santa spirit. 


03 February

IRONMAN LANZAROTE: Be a part of our history