International Svømme Camp for Triatleter

Bemærk venligst, at dette er en international camp

Come and improve your swim fitness and front crawl technique. The Swim Camp welcomes all short or long-distance triathletes (over 18 years of age), whether you are a beginner or an ambitious Age-Grouper. The camp will help you to make swimming easier and more fun or give you those vital minutes off the swim section.


When the weather declines, it’s perfect to hit the sunshine and swim in an outdoor 50m pool to gain a more effective and faster swimming stroke. It will give you the motivation you need to get through the dark winter months. This camp will look at all aspects of the front crawl stroke, helping you to understand what is needed and how to go about making your stroke smooth and fast. Each session will break down an element of the stroke and during the week build it back up to a more efficient one.

There will be two swim sessions per day, with individual video analysis and an evening swim talk, a social evening and a group dinner. You will gain a boost to your swimming, understand what training is needed to improve and have fun with a group of athletes.

Programme example

• Swimming twice a day

• Individual stroke technique input

• Video analysis and feedback on stroke technique

• Understanding the various training sessions required to improve

• Lectures on swim technique and training

• Opportunity to swim open water.

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