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Vintersalget 2018/2019 til Club La Santa er skudt i gang - Bestil her!


Kids Running Challenge 2018

Kids Challenge - for Kids aged 4-15 years old

The Course – Stadium Club La Santa

Kids 4-7 years, 400 m. (1 loop of the running track)

Kids 8-11 years, 800 m. (2 loops of the running track)

Kids 12-15 years, 1200 m. (3 loops of the running track)

Race number collection Saturday, 24 November 13.00-18.00 Conference Centre (Timanfaya), Club La Santa or

Sunday, 25 November 08.15-08.45 Organization tent, Stadium, Club La Santa

The online registration is compulsory (free entry)

The race day - Sunday 25 November

08.45: Meeting point: Meta tower, Stadium, Club La Santa

09:00: Kids Challenge start

Medals to all participants

find here the rules for the Kids Challenge

Kids challenge

Parents will be requested to submit a written authorization upon the race pack collection - Se pedirá a los padres firmar una autorización escrita el día de la entrega de dorsales.

By submitting this form I declare that I will abide by the rules of the event and participate at my own risk. I accept that the organizers will not be liable for any loss, damage, action claim, costs or expenses that may arise from my participation. Please note you MUST be staying at the Club La Santa complex to participate in this event -

Declaro que me atendré a las normas del evento y que que sólo participaré en el evento si estoy en buena salud y bajo mi propio riesgo. Acepto que la organización no se responsabiliza de pérdidas, daños, reclamación de acción o costes que puedan ocurrir con referencia a mi participación en este evento.