Seniors Triathlon Camp

This Senior's Tri Camp is the perfect opportunity for over 50s, who enjoy swimming, biking and running. Club la Santa on the beautiful Island of Lanzarote is the ultimate place to improve while taking in the iconic volcanic scenery and challenging routes as part of the week. Whether you are looking to prepare for your chosen goal or just want to enjoy this Triathlon mecca, this week is a great way to build your overall fitness . The camp will be structured for different abilities with a range of ability groups in each discipline. June 2023



The island offers a variety of terrain, with significant mountain climbs as well as undulating roads, making Lanzarote the perfect place to ride and improve your training. You will cover various parts of this beautiful island while riding. Many of the rides will take in parts of the famous IRONMAN Lanzarote course.
To join the camp you should be over 50 years of age and able to bike between 2 to 4 hours daily at various group speeds of 22km/h to 27km/h. During some of the rides we will stop for coffee.
We will hold seminars/talks on various aspects of training, bike setup and other topics alongside social activities including a dinner at the end of the week. 



Provisional Program


09.00 Welcome meeting
10.30 Bike (Approx. 2 hrs)
14.00 Run (30 min.)
17.00 Swim session (North Pool)


09.30 Bike (Approx. 2.5  hrs)
13.00 Swim session
17.00 Run Hill session


10.00 Bike/Run session
15.30 Swim session
18.00 Talk


08.30 Bike (Approx. 2 hrs)
11.00 Swim session
15.00 Run (Technique and drills)


10.00 Bike (Approx. 2 hrs)
           Followed by short run
15.30 Swim session
19.00 Lecture


11.00 Camp Mini Triathlon

14.30 coffee ride (recovery session)
19.30 Dinner


10.30 Swim session



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