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Extra Dance Classes - Free event!

Die Woche wird in englischer Sprache abgehalten.
08th - 17th July 2018
Come and join these free classes with professional dance instructors Sofie Kruuse and René Brix (former Danish champion and top 20 in the world in Latin Dance) - Easy and fun for both beginners and advanced level!

Hip hop for beginners and advanced level

Every day a new small choreography with the coolest hits


Strictly Come Dancing 

Focus on the Latin American dances - all levels

Join us, with or without partner, for the Latin American dances Salsa, Cha cha cha, Jive...


Provisional Programme

11.00-12.00   Hip Hop for all 
17.00-18.00   Ballroom for couples
11.00-12.00   Hip Hop for children under 14 
15.00-16.00   Latin Fit
11.30-12.30   Hip Hop for children under 14
15.00-16.00   Hip Hop for all

Sofie Kruuse and René Brix

Sofie Kruuse is a former Danish champion in Latin dance, together with her husband René Brix among the very best in the world.


Come and join Sofie and René on the dance floor at Club La Santa!

Sign up for these free classes through our application or at Sports Booking.

Please note that the classes are restricted to guests staying at Club La Santa.