Active holidays for everyone

Try something new; try activity holidays in Club La Santa’s beautiful location under Lanzarote’s warm sun

Club La Santa is the world’s largest active holiday paradise, built on sport and exercise, wellness, health and plenty of social activities, in a pleasant warm climate under Lanzarote’s sun.

Over 80 Sports with associated facilities and equipment, training from competent instructors and fun tournaments are at your disposal and most are already included in the price. There are offers for all generations and levels, and a very popular activity club for children from 3-years-old.

Of course you have the chance to relax by the pool, enjoy good food and wine and go on excursions to some of Lanzarote’s best attractions.

Ten good reasons to choose an active sports holiday at Club La Santa:

Sportsferie på verdens største sportsresort - Club La Santa

1. The most amazing holiday paradise for sport and exercise lovers

Club La Santa is heaven for people who love sport and exercise, and it is a meeting point for families, groups, friends, top athletes, amateurs and anyone who enjoys the fantastic atmosphere and the experiences that come from sport and physical activity.


When the trip is paid for, there is free access to over 80 types of sports and related equipment, instructions, social tournaments, entertainment, children’s club and much more. See an overview of the activities on a sports holiday here.

2. Luxury holidays in our modern suites

Our modern designed suites offer stylish interiors and furniture, large terraces overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, modern and spacious interiors, and an undisturbed location right by the lagoon.

See more about the suites and the modern South resort facilities here


3. Activity holidays for everyone, including seniors

You don't have to be a world champion or in top physical shape to have wonderful activity holidays at Club La Santa. Joint activities and instructions are tiered for all levels, whether you are a total beginner or very experienced, or whether you are 4 or 74...



4. Families with children have a great time

We all know that feeling...

The joy, well-being and the renewed energy that you get from playing sport and doing exercise. The inspiration and motivation to learn and just be a little bit better. Being together and sharing experiences that come naturally when we do fun activities together.

Possibly the best thing we can do for ourselves and our children…

5. Always the best sports facilities

Club La Santa has excellent sports facilities. We take pride in the fact that you as a guest can borrow and use equipment that is good enough for the best, in terms of road bikes, tennis courts, rackets, surfboards or a mini golf course.

6. Over 40 guides and sports instructors are ready for your holiday

Club La Santa has over 40 experienced instructors, called the Green Team. The Green Team is Club La Santa’s own team of motivated young people who guide, teach, help and ensure the best experience on your holiday.

7. Look after your body and mind with Spa & Wellness

With us you look after your body and mind and let go of your thoughts. We have superb spa & wellness facilities with hot and cold pools, sauna and steam room, and a variety of relaxing and sports massages available by our professional therapists.

Read more about the Wellness Centre here.

8. Experience the unique atmosphere

When like-minded individuals who share the same passion for sport and exercise get together, there is a natural chemistry.

It's so easy to meet other people who you'll then later bump into in the restaurant, bar or by the pool after playing beach volleyball, tennis or during a run together.

That's the “The spirit of Club La Santa”.

9. Stable and warm all year round

The climate is pleasantly warm all year round and the fresh Atlantic breeze ensures a perfect temperature both when playing sport and relaxing in the sun.

See more about the climate and temperature in Lanzarote here.

Activity holidays at Club La Santa, the worlds no.1 sports resort

10. Inspiration and energy you can take home after your holiday.

A holiday at Club La Santa is quite unique.

Our guests tell us that it brings out the best in them. It improves confidence, energy, wellness and brings a great deal of happiness with it.

Maybe that´s why our guests keep coming back. To revive the feeling of being their best... because it is the best…



Try an active holiday at Club La Santa.

Arrive on any day of the week

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