Your safety is our priority

Club La Santa is temporarily closed, but we can see the end of the current situation and soon we will open again. We expect to reopen Club La Santa on January 4th 2021.


We are in the process of preparing for the reopening - and when we open, our common security is our shared responsibility. It is our job to ensure the world's best active holiday experience - and we would love to do it along with you. We always focus on the highest level of cleanliness and safety. It is important to us that all our guests and colleagues feel safe. Here we also hope for your assistance, understanding and discipline in everyday life at Club La Santa.


We will continuously evaluate how the initiatives work and how we create a safe experience for you and our staff in the future.


We are introducing new health and safety measures, for both guests and staff. You can read more about this under the sections below.

Important information before you travel

  • Face masks are mandatory at all times except when explicitly allowed.
  • All information is constantly changing and being updated according to the law and new procedures. 


General safety measures at Club La Santa

  • CLS Arena (Disco) will be closed until further notice.
  • More than 100 employees have already passed the COVID training course and the rest of our staff will complete it during the following weeks. 
  • We have installed a glass divider screen and automatic doors in the reception. We will keep the south reception closed during the first weeks.
  • The laundry will only open during the day (08:00-16:00) and the self-service room will be available with a limited capacity of 3. 
  • Each area is marked with the maximum allowed capacity of people. It is very important that this is respected at all time. 
  • In the event of any suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, clients must immediately inform and maintain daily contact with Reception (Ext. 9) as they will be the ones to implement the protocol in all involved hotel departments. 
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Increased hygiene

Cleaning and hygiene have always been at the forefront here at Club La Santa, but now we are increasing our efforts with a number of new initiatives, including:

  • setting up outdoor sinks and hand sanitizer dispensers in carefully selected locations at the resort, for free use
  • cleaning staff follows all new procedures and guidelines with special focus on contact points
  • we have increased focus on cleaning all sports equipment and make disinfectant available in all areas for individual use
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Social distancing

We will make it easy for guests to adhere to social distance guidelines. We have several options for ensuring this, including:

  • in central places we have made clear markings so that it is easy for you to keep the required distance of 1.5 meters
  • maximum number of participants per area is aligned with the rules of social distance during sports
  • mandatory registration / cancellation via app or Sports Booking to ensure that the number of people on teams and facilities is complied with
  • appealing to all guests to be considerate and informing clearly about guidelines

Use of face masks

If social distance of 1.5 meters in the public space cannot be observed, it is mandatory in Spain to wear a mask. This also applies during sports. We always recommend wearing a mask with which can be worn as needed. Wearing a face mask is mandatory at airports and on air travel as well as public transport in Spain.

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Changes in the schedule

In order to comply with the authorities' guidelines, we are preparing to adapt activities with direct contact between the participants or where social distancing is not possible. As always, our goal is for our guests to experience a varied and extensive range of activities.

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We follow all national health guidelines in regards to restaurants and are inspired by others' solutions. The chain of food handling, from providers to our staff, has been refined for maximum safety. Our menu card is now digitally accessible via our app and QR code, the buffet in Atlantico restaurant is now mostly assisted and with individually portioned food, and we are reinforcing the opportunity for take-away meals as well as adding an option for delivery.

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Coronavirus on Lanzarote

The infection rate on Lanzarote and the Canary Islands is closely monitored by the government. The local health authorities and hospitals are prepared and have test equipment, respirators, etc. Get updated on the current coronavirus numbers on Lanzarote here and in the Canary Islands here

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Local medical clinic

We have a medical clinic on-site. In case of illness/symptoms, our doctor should be contacted immediately through reception.

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Staff preparedness

All employees are well informed and trained in relation to the new guidelines introduced in the respective functions, and face masks and gloves are mandatory in a number of service functions.

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Checking in and out in the Reception

We are working to ensure that no situations arise at the Reception, in which an inappropriate number of people could be gathered at the same place for an extended period of time.

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Travel safety measures

The Spanish government has made steps to ensure safer travel for visiting tourists.

Before your trip you must fill out a form with your trip and health details, which will grant you a QR-code that you have to show at check points on your trip to Spain. Read more here.

For your safety and calm, the Canary Islands have created a special insurance that will cover certain costs in relation to Covid-19, should you contract it while on your travels on Lanzarote. You can read more about it here.

Additionally you may download the app Radar COVID released by the Spanish Health Ministry to help track Covid-19 cases and spreading. Link to download: Android / iOS

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Not only are we replacing our menu cards with QR codes, but we actively try to minimize physical handling and usage of paper. Therefore, you will see QR codes in several places on the complex, not only for environmental and health reasons, but also to ensure that all information is up to date and at your fingertips. All info can also be found through our Club La Santa app.

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