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An inspiring talk with three world class athletes

Three great athletes treated Club La Santa’s guests to an honest look into their views on sports and life in general last week. Double Wimbledon Champion, Petra Kvitová, Multiple IRONMAN winner Andy Raelert, and Olympic Javelin Champion, Thomas Röhler, are all back in Club La Santa for training camps, and they joined for a talk that eventually roamed about the same formula for any success: Passion.


By Nikita Rørholt


More than 100 Club La Santa guests showed up to the 90 minutes Q and A session with Petra Kvitová, Andy Raelert, and Thomas Röhler, filling out every single seat in the room leaving the late arrivers to stand up against the wall in the back. The main theme quickly became passion as the night started out with an interview with the three athletes followed by questions from the audience.

Andy Raelert especially focused on how important the mindset is in achieving your goals:

“The most important thing is what drives you. If you have the passion and will anything is possible, and if you work hard, your time will come.”

The two other athletes nodded their heads agreeing and Petra Kvitová continued: “Passion overrules talent. You have to work very hard and stay focused.”

It's all about hard work

During the whole session the audience listened very carefully to every word spoken by the athletes, who were laid back and in a good mood, paying very close attention to what the others were saying. It was obvious that they enjoyed each other’s company which spread out to the audience who were either laughing, clapping, or gasping impressed after every well-considered and honest answer.

The word passion was unavoidable, and when a guest asked what the three most important values are to succeed in sport besides passion, the athletes fell silent and contemplated their answers. Eventually 25-year-old Thomas Röhler gave his view:

“In a class full of students many will have a certain talent. That doesn’t mean they will become the best in whatever that might be, if they don’t have the passion for it. Somebody with less talent but more passion will because he or she works hard for it,” Thomas Röhler explained, and the audience smiled and nodded in acknowledgement.


Photos: Ingo Kutsche and Brian Martin Rasmussen