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IRONMAN LANZAROTE: Be a part of our history

The adventure of IRONMAN Lanzarote starts again May 26th 2018 when the 27th edition of one of the world’s hardest IRONMAN triathlons takes place. According to founder, Kenneth Gasque, the secret behind the popular race is authenticity, tradition and the unique Club La Santa spirit.


Club La Santa’s Event Director Kenneth Gasque brought IRONMAN to the beautiful volcanic island of Lanzarote in 1992. The first race had 148 participants. In 2016 the number was 1900. For him there is no doubt about why both professionals and amateurs from all over the world join this historic race:


“We make dreams come true. The beauty in sport is the journey that takes you to your dream. The time, training, friendships, wellbeing, and pain. It all leads you to happiness,” says Kenneth Gasque about IRONMAN Lanzarote, the only IRONMAN except from IRONMAN Hawaii that has stayed at the same location since its beginning.

A unique experience in tough surroundings

IRONMAN Lanzarote is the triathlon which comes closest to the original IRONMAN World Championship that has taken place in Kona, Hawaii since 1978. Both are volcanic islands and IRONMAN Lanzarote is known for having a very hard 180 kilometer bike course because of the wind and over 2.550 meters of climbing. The 180 km course is one of the only 1-looped bike courses in IRONMAN racing and this gives the participants a full experience of the island.


“The island has the best conditions for triathlon and we want it to be an amazing experience. Because of the Lanzarote winds the first hundred kilometers on the bike are very tough but it is all worth it when you reach the top and can take in the beautiful view at Mirador del Rio.”


Two persons hold the record for most IRONMAN Lanzarote participations with 22: Local Carmelo Ruiz Sanchez and Albert Corveleijn from the Netherlands. Dane Bent Andersen has participated in the race 20 times.


Every year people with different disabilities join as well and according to Kenneth Gasque there is no excuse if you dream of doing an IRONMAN. The only question you need to ask yourself before coming here, is if you are ready to be a part of the Club La Santa and IRONMAN Lanzarote family.


Fun facts

  •  In 1992 148 athletes registered, 116 finished the race, and of them 8 were women.
  • The highest number of registered athletes was 2271 in 2014, where 1906 athletes finished.
  • In the history of the race the youngest participant was 18 and the oldest was 74.
  • The bike course is one of the toughest in the world with the infamous Lanzarote winds and 2551 meters of climbing




25 year of IRONMAN

with Kenneth Gasque at Club La Santa

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