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Meet Club La Santa athlete Camilla Pedersen

Triathlete Camilla Pedersen visits Club La Santa three to four times a year and during her training camps, the former Long Distance World Champion stays busy. As a professional triathlete and ambassador for the resort she spends three to eight hours training every day and gives inspiring lectures for the guests. Meet Denmark’s Sports Person of the Year 2014 for a talk about living the dream every day and how to reach the top again and again while learning how to use her body in a new way.


By: Nikita Rørholt


Why have you chosen to train at Club La Santa?

I love it here because you have so many options. Not only swimming, biking and running, but there is a great fitness centre and professional help with everything if you need it. The atmosphere here is amazing and people are so friendly and happy. You talk with everybody and the Green Team is always ready to go for a run, bike ride, or swim with you. They offer wellness and have some very nice restaurants, so you can easily get something healthy and tasty to eat. Everything is just around the corner, which is nice since I have to be so focused on my training. You can also go to the wonderful village La Santa and eat or just walk around and enjoy the beach and the people. There are many great bike routes with beautiful views. Everybody should try coming here and experience the atmosphere at Club La Santa. I brought my little sister down here and she is usually not into sports but she wanted to try everything and loved it. And if you want to you can just stay by the pool or lagoon all day and just relax.


What is important for you when preparing for a race?

What is so great about Club La Santa is that all I have to do is to focus on my training, eating and sleeping. When I am home I have all the daily errands as well. Washing clothes, grocery shopping, cleaning, and walking the dog. I also have a family and my friends who want to see me, sponsors and so on. You feel a certain pressure at home that you forget about at Club La Santa because you are unable to do all those things. It takes off the pressure and makes everything easier when you have time for training and recovery without getting distracted. Especially as a triathlete having time to sleep, rest and get the right diet is necessary. That is hard to find anywhere else than here.


How do you stay motivated and happy while trying to reach the goals you set for yourself?

My motivation is that I know I can accomplish so much more than I have already. I love what I do and the challenges that comes along. Planning the perfect diet, sleep and training. I travel a lot and meet so many wonderful people, yes, it is hard but I get a kick when I work out. It is like a drug to me and I cannot live without it. It is important to know how your body reacts to the things you put it through, especially after I had a serious crash on my bike three years ago. There are some things which do not work like they used to and I had to go back to basic which was frustrating. Therefore, it is important for me to listen to my body. After the crash my right side reacts faster than the left which I need to be aware of all the time. I have not reached the top level yet but I must be patient. If you take too many steps at a time you will fall. The crash taught me that you only live once and that is why I choose to do what I love every day.

What do you take with you when you leave Club La Santa?

Of course, I am tired after working out between three to eight hours every day, but mentally I have a lot more energy and I am even more focused on my goals ahead. I still enjoy my spinning classes I instruct four times a week. I bring my GoPro camera with me to class and show the videos I have done from around the world on the big screen during spinning. That way I can take the class with me around the world which they think is a lot of fun.


What is your best Club La Santa memory?

There are many. Socializing especially, when my family comes to visit for example. My mother was here last year for the first time. She was out running every day which she never does at home. That was amazing to see. I enjoy when my brother and sister come here as well and that they are able to take part in my life in that way. When my friends are here we have so much fun trying out classes we have not tried before and are exceptionally bad at. That could be dancing for example. We laugh from the start to the end.


Photo: James Mitchell and Jesper Grønnemark