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New initiatives for the supermarket customers

The Club La Santa Supermarket offers a large variety of alternative foods including vegan options, organic products, lactose and gluten free products and much more. The new initiatives are to meet the customers high interest in a healthy diet and lifestyle - also during their holidays. 


By Nikita Rørholt


The customers can buy everything from organic wine, beer and food, gluten free pasta, and lactose and vegan free dairy. Instead, the products are made from soy, almond and beans. Products fit for active people like Quark, hummus and cottage cheese, which are all rich in protein, also fill out the shelves. The supermarket also offers a variety of local products as well as healthy bars and supplements in vegan, organic and lactose and gluten free variations. 


With the new selections and opportunities, the supermarket strives to match the requests from Club La Santa’s guests as much as possible. The customers have been asking for more variety like gluten and lactose free products, while ecology has become more widespread. Supermarket Manager Angel Figueras wants the supermarket to live up to the new standards regarding products of quality.


“Here at Club La Santa our guests care about their health and staying in shape, and we try our best to meet their needs by listening to the customers. Guests, who have been coming here for years come to me to shake my hand and tell me “good job”. That makes me proud. They can see a difference, and that’s what’s important.” - Supermarket Manager Angel Figueras.


The supermarket is open daily from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm.


Did you know?

-          It’s one of the only two supermarkets in Lanzarote that sells gluten free fresh pasta.

-          You can buy the beer Gastro, which was selected best beer in the world in 2015.

-          It’s possible to buy wine made from bananas – and it’s quite tasty.

-          The most sold items are water, soda, beer and sweets.

-          A total of 12 employees work in the supermarket.