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Welcome to Play Time
Play Time is a wonderful play area where young children (3-12 years) can make new friends and take part in fun activities. If children are not used to being left on their own, we ask that a parent stays with them until they feel comfortable with the Green Team members and are happy to stay in Play Time on their own.
There are no changing facilities in Play Time. If your child is not toilet trained then an adult must stay with them whilst they are in Play Time, irrespective of their age.
Birthdays at Play Time
If it’s your child’s birthday during your stay, let us know at least one day in advance and we will organise a small party in Play Time. you can bring the cake and we will provide drinks and fun! Alternatively, if you wish to celebrate your child´s birthday outside Play Time, please feel free to borrow the party material (balloons, flags, bunting, etc.) from Play Time.
Parental responsibility
You need to accompany your children to Play Time to sign them in at the beginning of each session. Children cannot stay if they enter Play Time alone. As part of the signing in procedure parents must inform us where they will be on the Club La Santa resort so that we can contact them in case of an accident or emergency. For this reason one parent must remain on the resort in the area stated.
Allergies, medical conditions and additional needs
If your child has an allergy, medical condition or any special needs, please let the Green Teamers in Play Time know, so that we can offer them a safe environment to play in. A responsible adult must accompany children with serious medical conditions, special needs or potentially life-threatening allergies at all times. If your child has recently been suffering from an infectious illness such as chicken-pox, we will require a medical note to allow them entry to Play Time. This is to ensure that they are no longer infectious and reduce the risk of infection to other children.
Whilst we will strive to maintain the highest standards of safety in Play Time, please remember, we are running a supervised play area only. If you would like your child to have individual attention, you are welcome to join them. In extreme circumstances, we reserve the right to remove children from Play Time whose behaviour may cause harm to themselves or others.
We welcome your ideas and suggestions as we are constantly trying to improve your children’s activities and experiences. If you have any ideas or comments to help us improve, please speak with one of the Green Teamers in Play Time or ask to speak with the Green Teamer in charge of Play Time. If you prefer you are welcome to add your comments to the questionnaire. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask any of the Green Team members. We wish you a very enjoyable stay with us here at Club La Santa.
Play Time is a wonderful play area where young children can make new friends and take part in some fun activities. The children are under the constant supervision of our Green Team members, who organise a range of activities each week. 

Each morning except from Tuesday in Play Time we are open for free play from 09:50-12:50. Children can enjoy numerous activities such as painting, coloring, dressing up, arts and crafts, bouncy castle, activity games, board games, reading or puzzles – just to name just a few. 

In the afternoon from 13:50-16:50 (Tuesdays 14:50 to 16:50) children can have fun and join the action in the following activities:

Baking day: We will bake pancakes, cookies, muffins or chocolate cake and then of course enjoy eating them.

Water games: Come and join Play Time for an active afternoon of lively fun playing lots of different water games in the pool. Please remember to wear sun cream and to bring your swim suit and a towel.

Kids Beach and Surf Day: Play Time goes down to the surf station to chill with the Green Team Surf instructors. You can have a go at windsurfing or kayaking with a Green Teamer or have fun on the beach with our beach toys. Please remember to wear sun cream.

Olympic Games: Would you like to be an Olympic champion for a day? We will go to the stadium to have fun trying various sports from the world of athletics. There will be a diploma and a medal for everybody taking part. Please remember to wear your trainers.

Rehearsal Children & Guests show: If you have a special talent or have prepared your own show, we give you the chance to perform on our stage in the Children & Guest Show every Wednesday.

Treasure Hunt: We’ll dress up like pirates, and then using a map search for clues which may lead us to the hidden treasure at Club La Santa.

Some activities are divided according to age (3-5 and 6-12), allowing us to plan a programme aimed at the children’s interests and age. You can find more information in the full Play Time programme at the bottom of the page. We do ask that a parent or guardian stays with children aged 3-5 during the afternoon activities, and with children who are not toilet trained during the free play in the morning. Children under the age of 3 are also welcome to join us with a parent. Enjoy - the activities are fun for all ages.


It isn't necessary to book a spot at Play Time. Children are always welcome to come and join us and take part in the day’s activities, but as an adult you need to sign your child in when dropping them off.


Click here to download the full programme and see more about the rules and conditions of Play Time.


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