Your safety is our highest priority

Last update: 17th of January 2022


Your safety is our top priority. Therefore, we have introduced several new initiatives, so you can book safely and have a safe and active stay with us, full of sports, exercise, fun, and relaxation.

Please note: Due to COVID-19, safety measures, available facilities, activities and opening hours are updated continuously, and there might be information on the website that no longer applies or changes before your departure. Stay up-to-date on all changes on this page and in the Club La Santa app. 


Club La Santa's Book with Confidence Policy

When you book a stay, you are covered by our Book with Confidence Policy:

Travel safely

Below you can read all about current conditions and safety measures. 

Club La Santa's Book with Confidence Policy

We offer you our COVID-19 Book with Confidence Policy to all existing and new bookings until March 31, 2022, with arrival date up to and including June 30, 2022. This policy lets you book your holiday and travel with peace of mind, knowing that you are taken care of no matter what.  

The policy includes: 

Rebook with no added fees

You can rebook your stay up to 60 days before arrival with no additional fees. You will not have to inform us of any specific reason, and it is possible to rebook more than once if necessary. 

You can rebook for any time with available accommodation. We will add the difference to your final payment if you rebook at a more expensive time of year or room category.

If you choose a cheaper stay, we will refund the difference.

Refund guarantee

If travel to the Canary Islands is advised against the period you were supposed to travel, you can either rebook your visit or get a refund.

If you choose to get a refund, we guarantee that you will get back the whole amount you have paid, including the cancellation guarantee fee.

We will refund the money via the same method the original payment was made, and we will do our very best to ensure you receive the money within 60 days of cancellation. 



Coverage during quarantine

Suppose quarantine becomes necessary during your stay due to exposure to or infection with COVID-19. In that case, we offer accommodation including full board for up to 15 days after your scheduled departure date, so long as it is medically approved and a negative test result is not attained before.

Accommodation applies to the person infected with COVID-19 as well as accompanying relatives.  Any extended stay will be covered by Club La Santa, your insurance, and additional insurance the Canary Islands offer all visiting tourists.
 In cases where further medical treatment, hospitalisation or healthcare transport is needed, you will also be covered by the Canary Islands’ insurance.

Read more about coverage and Canarian insurance here. 


Remember cancellation insurance


If you test positive or become ill with COVID-19 before your departure, do not travel. If you have cancellation insurance with us, you are covered by this and will be refunded the stay price. If you have insurance elsewhere, the conditions herein apply.


If you do not have insurance, the general travel conditions apply. We strongly recommend that you have insurance.


Face masks


In Spain, only children under the age of 6 are exempt from wearing a face mask. Please note that you are not exempt from wearing a face mask in Spain even if you suffer from any physical or mental conditions that exempt you from wearing a face mask in your home country.

Read more about when to wear a face mask here.



If you have questions regarding insurance matters or anything else related to the safety on your holiday, you can contact us at

or you can see more in our FAQ here.


Face Masks


Learn about in which situations you need to wear face masks here.



COVID-19 test, vaccination or recovery certificate


A COVID certificate is required upon arrival in Lanzarote if you are travelling from a high-risk area outside Spain.


The certificate must be in either English, Spanish, German or French. This is a requirement of the Spanish government and applies to you and all your travel companions from 12 years and above. 


Please note, that these conditions are updated regularly. For the most up-to-date information, we recommend that you also visit the Canary Islands’ official website here.


Health Control Form


Anyone wishing to travel to Spain must complete a health control form and obtain a QR code before entering. The form can be completed here no earlier than 48 hours before entry. You will receive a QR code which must be presented on arrival, either digitally or printed out.


Approved Face Masks


For the flight and during your time at the airport, you must wear a face mask. Make sure your mask is approved by your airline. Remember to bring plenty of face masks for the whole trip and your stay at Club La Santa. Should you run out of masks, you can, of course, purchase more at Club La Santa.


We will contact you well in advance of your departure to remind you of the above.

Cancellation insurance


If you test positive or become ill with COVID-19, do not travel. If you have cancellation insurance with us, you are covered by this and will be refunded the stay price. If you have insurance elsewhere, the conditions herein apply. If you do not have insurance, the general travel conditions apply. We strongly recommend that you have insurance.


If you have questions regarding insurance matters or anything else, you can contact us on +34 928 599999 or see more in our FAQ here.


Travelling to Club La Santa

At the airport


You must wear a face mask during the entire journey. Make sure you arrive in good time. Check-in, security check and boarding can take longer than usual. Please check-in online before departure, if possible.


On the plane


You need to check the conditions on board with the airline you are travelling with.


Transfer between the airport and Club La Santa


Our transfer services between the airport and Club La Santa are subject to the following security measures:

  • Buses are cleaned once a day with products approved by the Spanish Ministry of Health
  • Buses are ventilated between trips
  • The ventilation system in the buses has been tested and is of the best possible quality.
  • The driver will wear a face mask and use his disinfectant gel

If you do not wish to use our transfer, taxis and car hire are available.

More info about the flight:


Check your airlines' website for additional information.


On Lanzarote


In Spain, it is mandatory for everyone aged six years and older to wear a face mask in indoor public areas as restaurants, shops, and public transportation. It is also compulsory to wear a face mask outside if you cannot maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters, except for groups of cohabitants. We recommend that you always have a face mask with you during your holiday.

Read more about face masks in Club La Santa here.


The minimum required social distance is 1.5 metres.


The local health authorities are prepared. The hospital has 50 respirators, and the capacity (space and staff) for COVID-19 patients has been dramatically increased. The health authorities are ready to increase the capacity even further, should the need arise.


Infection rate on Lanzarote


The infection rate on Lanzarote and the Canary Islands is changing all the time, like in many other places in the world. In a small society like Lanzarote, a minor local outbreak significantly impacts the infection rate numbers.


Find the current infection rate in Lanzarote and the Canary Islands here. 



At Club La Santa


At Club La Santa your safety is our top priority. We always focus on providing the highest level of cleanliness and security, and we have taken extra steps to comply with the new situation we all are facing.


Due to COVID-19, opening hours and access to different areas and facilities in Club La Santa may vary, and temporary changes might be applicable during your stay. In the Club La Santa app, you always have access to updated information and opening hours. Furthermore, we will keep this page updated when changes occur.


Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about COVID-19 here: FAQ

Clean and safe surroundings 

  • Our staff have all been specially trained regarding new safety procedures introduced in their respective areas. Face masks, social distance and additional hygiene measures are central across all service functions. 
  • We have increased our focus on touchpoints. Additional and more thorough cleaning procedures have been implemented throughout the resort, including sports facilities, sports equipment, restaurants, sunbeds and playgrounds. 
  • Apartments are thoroughly cleaned with approved cleaning products and disinfectants for textiles and all other surfaces. We have reduced the number of fabrics in the apartments, and extra pillows and blankets are now available via reception. 
  • Additional sinks and hand sanitiser dispensers are placed in most common areas, entrances and exits. 
  • Through QR codes and the Club La Santa App, we have limited the number of high touch areas by making menu cards, welcome information and other information digitally available. You will find the QR codes at central places throughout the resort.
  • The Atlantico buffet restaurant has been completely renovated with safety in mind. The number of guests in the restaurant is limited and during the breakfast buffet, coffee and juice machines etc., will be cleaned every 30 minutes.
  • In the Wellness Centre, several new initiatives will help ensure a good and safe experience for all. From January 2022, the spa is temporarily closed due to the current safety level on Lanzarote. It will still be possible to book individual treatments by contacting the Wellness Centre.

Less queuing, more space

  • Using the Club La Santa App, you will be allowed to do an online pre-check-in and the mandatory scan of your passports from 2 days before your arrival. This minimises the time spent at reception, and you will quickly be able to get your key cards and start your holiday.
  • In central places, including reception, clear markings on the ground will guide you regarding the required distance of 1.5 metres.
  • When possible, we recommend using contactless payment via your credit card or phone instead of cash.
  • In the app, you can get in touch with all departments, make bookings, reservations, and access all information about the hotel. We encourage you to help limit the queuing by contacting departments via the app or by phone.

Doctor and test facilities on site

  • We have a private on-site medical centre with doctors to assist guests if necessary. In case of illness, a doctor will make the assessment and contact the sanitary authorities if needed. 
  • If you or your relatives/family experience symptoms of COVID-19, such as coughing, fever, shortness of breath or general malaise, you must self-isolate in your apartment and call reception for guidance and get in contact with a doctor.
  • For guests who need a PCR or antigen test before departure, booking an appointment in advance for a test in the medical centre will be possible. The price for a PCR test is 120€, and the price for an antigen test is 30€. Please make an appointment via, and note that the test is at your own expense.
  • Please note: It is the traveller’s responsibility to make sure that you have the proper test, that it is valid, and made in sufficient time before your departure. Often, it will be possible to find information about test requirements on the website of the airport you are travelling to.

A shared responsibility - Together We Move

As our common security is a shared responsibility, we are counting on your help and understanding in making Club La Santa an excellent experience for all. The following conditions apply to all guests: 

  • A face mask must be worn in all indoor public areas and outdoors if you cannot maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters to others.

  • Please keep a minimum social distance to other guests around the resort. A minimum of 1.5m is required.

  • Hand sanitiser dispensers are placed in most areas of the resort and make it easy to maintain good hand hygiene on the move. 

Sport & Exercise

Sports and exercise


Almost all our facilities are open and ready to be used as usual, and you are free to use swim lanes, sports halls, the Fitness Centre, rackets, bicycles, watersport equipment, etc. The only exceptions are Play Time, Dance Studio, and two of the three 50m swimming pools due to renovation.


We have limited the number of participants in different areas to ensure everyone can maintain the required social distance. For this reason, booking time slots via the Club La Santa app for the Fitness Centre, CrossFit area, and swim lanes is now mandatory.


We offer a wide range of classes, and several measures have been taken to increase safety. For instance, body bike now takes place outdoor, and the number of participants for the different classes has been decreased. Unfortunately, the following instructions are not yet possible to carry out due to safety reasons:

  • All activities in the Dance Studio including instructions in Aerial, Bungee Super Fly, and 6D sliding
  • Indoor racket tournaments

We want to point out that you do not have to wear a face mask when doing individual sports outdoors. For all indoor sport, you must wear a face mask at all times. Learn more about when to use face masks here.

Weekly programme


See all activities that are currently offered in the weekly programme.


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