FAQ - Covid-19.

What will the conditions in Lanzarote be like, at the time of my trip

Everything you read in this FAQ and on our website about the Covid-19 situation is applicable right now. If you book a trip 6 months ahead, the situation may be different, but it is likely to be better. We will inform you in the weeks leading up to your departure how the conditions are and what you may need to do.

Questions about insurance rules

What are the rules for changes and cancellations?

Club La Santa follows the governments travel recommendations.

If travel to the Canary Islands is advised against in the period you are supposed to travel, you have two options to choose from.  You can either rebook and change your current dates or get a refund. If you choose to get a refund, we guarantee that you will get back the whole amount you have paid including the cancellation guarantee fee.

The money will be refunded via the same method the original payment was made, and we will do our very best to ensure you receive the money within 60 days of cancellation.   

If travel to the Canary Islands is allowed, the general rules for changing and cancelling the trip apply, with the exception that it is now free of charge to rebook the trip up to 60 days before departure. See our travel conditions here.

What are the rules if I no longer want to travel?

If you are not ill with Covid-19 or other illness but do not want to travel, the general rules for changing and cancelling apply, except that it is now free of charge to rebook the trip up to 60 days before departure. See our travel conditions here.

What insurance rules apply if I am tested positive with Covid-19 before departure?

If you test positive or become ill with Covid-19, you must not travel.

If you have a cancellation insurance with us, you are covered by this and will be refunded the amount you have paid. If you have an insurance elsewhere, the conditions herein apply. If you do not have insurance, the general travel conditions apply. We strongly recommend that you have insurance.

What insurance rules apply if I enter Covid-19 quarantine before departure?

If you are in quarantine at the time of travel but not sick, you should not travel. If you have a cancellation insurance, the conditions herein apply. If you do not have a comprehensive insurance, the general travel conditions applySee our travel conditions here.

What insurance rules apply if I, or someone in my travel group, becomes infected with Covid-19 during the trip?

If you, or a fellow traveller (close family or in-laws), tests positive or falls ill with Covid-19, you are covered by Club La Santa's “Book with Confidence Policy”, your own insurance, and the insurance of the Canarian authorities. We offer accommodation including full board for up to 15 days after your scheduled departure date, as long as it is medically approved, and a negative test result is not attained before.

If you need treatment or repatriation that your own insurance does not cover, the Canarian authorities will cover these, until at least 2 August 2021. You can read about the details here.

What does the free insurance offered by the Canarian authorities cover?

The Canary Government offers free insurance to cover certain costs, if you become infected with Covid-19 while staying in Lanzarote, including:

  • Medical, surgery and hospitalization costs due to Covid-19
  • Transport or repatriation of Covid-19 patients
  • Costs of extending stays for both the patient and the patient's close family/relatives in a hotel (also applicable in case of quarantine)

See everything it covers here.

Questions about sports and exercise

Are there enough sports and activities at Club La Santa?

We will do our utmost to create a genuine active holiday experience, right from the time of reopening. Almost all our facilities are open and ready to be used as normal, and you are free to use lanes, halls, Fitness Centre, rackets, bicycles, watersport equipment, etc. The only exceptions are Playtime, Dance Studio, Bouldering Room and two of the three 50m swimming pools due to renovation.

We offer a wide range of classes and we will continuously add more. Due to Covid-19, the number of participants on the activities and the number of people in the Fitness Centre, will be limited to some extent, to ensure the required social distance can be maintained.

We would like to point out, that you do not have to wear a face mask when doing outdoor sports and a minimum social distance of 1.5m can be maintained at all times. If distance is not possible, a face mask must be worn except for groups of cohabitants. For all indoor sport you must wear a face mask at all times.

Questions about the risk of infection

What is the Covid-19 situation in Lanzarote?

The infection rate in Lanzarote and the Canary Islands is changing all the time (as in many other parts of the world), both up and down. The local health authorities and hospitals are prepared and have adequate test equipment, ventilators, etc.

Read more about the current infection pressure in Lanzarote here  and the infection pressure for the Canary Islands here.

How does Club La Santa minimize the risk of infection during my stay?

All guests will have to show a negative Covid-19 test result or either a certificate of vaccination or of recovery from Covid-19 when checking in to Club La Santa. Furthermore, guests visiting from high risk countries, must present a negative PCR, TMA, Antigen or RT-LAMP that is less than 48 hours old upon arrival into Spain. In addition, there are temperature checks at the airport, as well as a visual check for symptoms.

Our staff are instructed to stay home if they have any symptoms of Covid-19. 


General security measures

Be assured that all staff and guests pay close attention to their role in compliance with security measures:

Our staff have all been trained in relation to new safety procedures introduced in their respective areas. Face masks, social distance and additional hygiene measures are central across all service areas.  

Face masks are used by adults and children over the age of six when indoors or outdoors where a minimum distance of 1.5m cannot be maintained.

Face masks and hand sanitizer can be purchased for your own use in the supermarket.

In central areas, clear markings on the ground will guide you regarding the required social distance of 1.5 metres.

All facilities, restaurants, offices, shops and services are provided with posters, disinfectant gel dispenser and location specific protocols.

More than 50 hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed in common areas, and at entrances and exits. There are more than 25 public toilets with sinks and soap. Outdoor sinks have also been installed.

We have intensified our cleaning of touch points. Additional and more thorough cleaning procedures have been implemented all over the resort including sports facilities, sports equipment, restaurants, sun beds and playgrounds. 


Will there be a queue at reception when we arrive?

We will do our best to avoid queues and waiting time in the reception.

Using the Club La Santa app, you will be given the opportunity to do an online pre check-in and the mandatory scan of your passports, from 2 days before your arrival. This minimises your time spent in reception, and you will be able to quickly get your key cards and start your holiday.


Is it safe to use the buffet restaurant Atlantico?

The Atlantico buffet restaurant has been completely renovated with safety in mind. The number of guests in the restaurant is limited and you must make reservations for dining via our app. 


How does Club La Santa care for guests who experience symptoms of Covid-19?

If you, or someone in your travel group experience symptoms of Covid-19, such as coughing, fever, shortness of breath or general malaise, you must self-isolate in your apartment and call reception for guidance, and to be put in touch with a doctor.

Is the hospital in Lanzarote prepared for Covid-19?

The local health authorities are very well prepared. The hospital has a total of 50 respirators and the capacity (space and staff) for Covid-19 patients has been greatly increased. The health authorities are prepared to increase the capacity further should the need arise.

Is it safe to use transfer bus to and from the airport?

Our transfer buses between the airport and Club La Santa are subject to the following security measures:

  • You will be directed to your seat at a suitable distance from other travellers
  • Buses are cleaned once a day with products approved by the Spanish Ministry of Health
  • Buses are ventilated between trips
  • The ventilation system in the buses has been tested and is of the best possible quality
  • The driver will wear a face mask and use his own disinfectant gel

If you do not wish to use our transfer, taxis and car hire are available.

When to wear a face mask?

Face masks must be worn by everyone over the age of 6 years. At Club La Santa and in Lanzarote in general, you must wear a face mask in all indoor public areas, also when doing sport. Outdoor, you only need to wear a face mask if a minimum distance of 1.5m cannot be guaranteed. Read more about the use of face masks here.

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