Timanfaya & El Golfo

Visit Lanzarote's main attractions

Come with us on this very special excursion to experience the dramatic landscape that covers this magical island, from the lava fields at the heart of the island to the rugged and eroded coast, with its unique rock formations.

Our first stop is Lanzarote’s main attraction: The Timanfaya National Park otherwise known as “The Fire Mountains”. Enjoy the 14km bus trip taking you on a journey through the volcanoes themselves and discover the beautiful and varied landscape with its impressive craters and huge lava fields. Along the route, the bus will stop at numerous viewpoints with a commentary about the area.

Continuing our exploration of this magnificent volcanic landscape, we will travel south to “Los Hervideros”, on a road that curves around the coastline framed by the deep blue sky, crashing waves and lava landscape. 

Los Hervideros and El Golfo

“Los Hervideros” themselves are a stretch of bizarre-shaped cliffs and underwater caves produced by the solidification of lava and erosion, creating natural rock sculptures that are truly impressive to behold.

We will continue on to “El Golfo”, a beach of black sand inside half a round volcanic crater, the other half of which has been eroded by the sea. The famous green lagoon on the beach sits in stark contrast to its black surroundings. You can also find a local green stone called Olivina amongst the sand and rocks which is widely used on the island to make jewellery.

On our way back from “El Golfo” we will visit the unique wine district of "La Geria", where you can see the distinctive “zoccos” dotting the landscape in which they grow the grape vines. We will stop at one of the bodegas where you can learn more and sample some local wines, which are available to buy alongside souvenirs from the island.

Official guide, entrance to Timanfaya.

What to bring 
Comfortable shoes, water and a camera.

The price for this excursion is: 40€ (33€ for children under 12)

The excursion leaves at 09:00 and you will be back at Club La Santa around 13:30.


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