Young woman doing an ultimate abs class at club la santa

Ultimate ABS

In this workout you will strengthen and tone the whole of your core with or without equipment.

Max pax: 150

Duration: 30 mins

Price: 40€

List of group activities

Barefoot Fitness at Club La Santa

Barefoot Fitness

This classes focuses on strengthening and mobilizing the feet and ankles. It involves functional exercises using only your bodyweight and as the name suggests, everything is without shoes.

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Body Toning Club La Santa

Body Toning

This full body workout will strengthen and tone your entire body. You may use barbells, weight plates, resistance bands and/or step benches.

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female instructor and a class behind in the hulahoop class

Hula Hoop

A fun class that challenges your ability to keep your Hula Hoop spinning while performing basic, functional exercises. It will tone your mid-section, challenge your coordination and make you laugh.

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woman doing Bungee Super Fly®

Bungee Super Fly®

Bungee Super Fly® Workout is resistance training in a Superhero way. This class is for anyone that is ready to fly out of their comfort zone, want’s great FUN and fast results! It includes an exhilarating Superhero experience, while catapulting yourself in the air!

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fitball class on the volcano at club la santa


Fitball is a unique total body training workout using large fitballs that will challenge your balance and core stability to the max. This functional workout is a great way to improve posture and alignment and the exercises are adaptable to all levels.

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girl following the hiit bootcamp class


A high-intensity interval training class which involves intense bursts of high-intensity exercises followed by varied periods of low-intensity active rest, or complete rest. This short, sharp class will really challenge your fitness level as you are working hard the whole time.

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Young woman doing a Power Legs and Glutes class at Club La Santa

Ultimate Legs & Glutes

This workout will strengthen and tone your entire lower body with a special focus on thighs and glutes. The class can be done with or without equipment.

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trampoline fitness class on the lawn at club la santa

Trampoline Fitness

This is a fun and dynamic class where you will get a full body workout on a fitness trampoline.

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Body Bike class at club la santa

Body Bike - Base Camp

Base Camp Cycling is aimed at beginners.

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green team body bike instructor teaching class at club la santa

Body Bike - HIIT

This class is aimed at intermediate to advanced participants.

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A group of people doing an intelligent cycling power cycle class at club la santa

Body Bike - Power

Body Bike Power is aimed at intermediate participants.

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A couple ballroom dancing on the volcano at club la santa

Ballroom Dancing

Learn the basic steps from the ’Strictly Come Dancing’ show!

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couple enjoying ballroom fitness class on the volcano at club la santa

Ballroom Fitness™

The popular fitness concept evented by Elisabeth Dalsgaard where you will feel like a Strictly Come Dancing superstar.

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If you want to challenge your group to dance and learn a choreography, this is the class for you. This

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woman doing step on volcano at club la santa


Our Step instructions are high energy classes using the Reebok step platform.

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aerial relaxation class in the dance studio at club la santa

Aerial Relaxation

You will be suspended in an aerial hammock and guided into a deep state of physical and mental relaxation.

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NOV19_Aerial Stretch (4).jpg

Intro to Aerial

This class sets the safety foundation and teaches you how to use the aerial hammock. Safe for all levels. A class for beginners or a refresh for those who have not done it for a while.

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group of guests hanging upside down during aerial class in dance studio at club la santa

Aerial Fitness

You must have attended Intro to Aerial or/and feel confident using the aerial hammocks. Conditioning and flexibility exercises using the hammocks and the floor, will be included.

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guests stretching in stretch and relax class on volcano at club la santa


Mobility is the ability of a joint to move freely and easily through its full range of movement.

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Pilates at Club La Santa


Pilates classes follow 6 main principles: breathing, concentration, control, centering, precision and flow. Classes are designed to improve flexibility, build strength and develop control and endurance throughout the entire body.

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Pilates Emma  July 2019 (4).JPG

Pilates Reformer

In this class you will perform Pilates exercises on a reformer machine.

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instructor teaching stretch class 5-a-side Club La Santa

Stretch & Relax

Take a break from hard training and come and enjoy this feel-good class, designed to improve flexibility, release tight muscles and leave you feeling totally relaxed.

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guests warming up in yoga flow class on volcano at club la santa

Yoga (Hatha or Flow)

At Club La Santa you can join either Hatha or Flow Yoga.

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women joining class on the 5-a-side at club la santa


BODYATTACK™ is a high-energy fitness class that combines athletic movements like running, lunging and jumping with strength exercises such as push-ups and squats.

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BODYBALANCE™ is a yoga-based class that will improve your mind, body and life.

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BODYCOMBAT™ is a high-energy, martial arts inspired, non-contact workout.

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BODYPUMP™ is the original barbell class and ideal for anyone who wants to get lean, toned and fit.

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Woman riding a cannondale mountain bike

Introduction to MTB

If you have never mountain biked before, or you haven’t for a long time, we recommend that you book this Introduction to MTB.

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Beginner MTB Tour

This Beginner Tour is 12 km long with an average speed of 10–12 km/h.

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two men mountain biking down hill towards club la santa

Intermediate MTB Tour

The intermediate MTB tour is a 30-35km long ride through rocky, dusty and sandy terrain.

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group of cyclists on road bikes from club la santa

Introduction to road cycling

If you have never tried road biking before, or you haven’t been out for a long time, we recommend you book this Introduction to Road Cycling.

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Two women cycling in lanzarote overlooking Famara beach

Beginners Road Bike Tour

If you want to experience the island of Lanzarote, we recommend booking one of our Guided Bike Tours. This Road Bike Tour for beginners will take you on a 20-25km bike tour with an average speed of 18 – 20 km/h.

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A group of road cyclists in lanzarote

Intermediate Road Bike Tour

This tour is 55-60km with an average speed of 24 - 25 km/h.

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A group of road cyclists in Timanfaya

Advanced Road Bike Tour

This tour is 70 - 90 km with an average speed of 27 – 29 km/h.

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Two men cycling in lanzarote overlooking La Graciosa

Endurance Road Bike Tour

This tour is 100 -120 km, 25-27 km/hr average speed.

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Smiling man doing a 6D sliding workout

6D™ Sliding

An innovative training concept that allows you to train your muscles in all six directions of movement.

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woman doing a circuit fusion class at Club La Santa kettlebell training

Circuit Fusion

A fast-paced circuit with stations using functional training equipment such as kettlebells, medicine balls and sandbags

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Group of people doing crossfit

Introduction to CrossFit

If you want to give your group a CrossFit experience while learning the technique safely and properly, you can book this instruction with our Qualified Green Team CrossFit instructors.

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Two women throwing medicine balls against the wall

CrossFit Conditioning, All Levels

This class involves a longer CrossFit workout that is adaptable to all fitness and skill levels.

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Man climbing a rope during CrossFit workout

CrossFit, Experienced

This instruction is only for groups with experience within CrossFit and you will be expected to know all the movements without having to be taught.

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Young woman lifting weights during CrossFit workout

Functional training

If you want to challenge your group with a tough functional workout, this is the perfect instruction for you.

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kids at a fitness boxing class with a green team boxing instructor

Fitness Boxing

Book a Fitness Boxing instruction with one of our boxing instructors.

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kids at a fitness boxing class with a green team boxing instructor

Introduction to Boxing

Challenge your group with an Introduction to Boxing. You will learn all the basics of boxing including a warm-up, punches, stance, footwork, defence and groundwork.

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Girl lifting kettle bell during Functional training class

Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell training works many parts of the body simultaneously and elevates the heart rate for effective cardiovascular training

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Four people training TRX at the Stadium at Club La Santa

TRX Suspension Training

TRX uses gravity and your body weight to deliver fast and effective total body training.

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green team golf instuctors teaching guests at driving range at club la santa

Golf Instruction

Book a Green Team golf instructor for a golf session

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man practicing bunker shots at golf practice facility at club la santa

Golf Functional Circuit Training

Golf Functional Circuit Training is a class combining golf and fitness.

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guests practicing putting at golf putting range at club la santa

Putting Competition

If you want to arrange a tournament for your group to see who can achieve the lowest score over 18 holes of putting, this tournament is for you.

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green team playing squash against guest in squash courts at club la santa

Racket Sport Instructions

Book one of our Racket Sports Green Team Instructors and get a 55 min instruction.

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Racket Sport Tournaments

At Club La Santa we offer a large variety of tournaments.

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four people aqua jogging at club la santa

Aqua Jogging

Aqua Jogging is very effective for injury rehabilitation and for non-impact cross training. This class focuses on technique and injury prevention, whilst getting a good workout.

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green team swim instructor giving personal instruction at the south pools at club la santa

Swimming Instructions

We offer instructions in all 4 strokes: Front Crawl, Breaststroke, Butterfly or Backstroke and all levels from beginner to advanced.

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Smiley man kayaking in the lagoon at club la santa

Kayak Instruction

Book this group instruction for a fun experience on water with one of our Green Team Instructors.

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racing kayaks in the lagoon at club la santa

Kayak Race

Challenge your group in the lagoon by booking a kayak race and a Green Team instructor will arrange and guide you through it all. Some basic kayaking skills are required for this race.

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guests taking SUP boards out onto the water in a SUP class at club la santa

Stand Up Paddle Instruction

SUP is a fun and simple water sport that requires no previous experience to be able to enjoy it.

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group of guests doing SUP in the lagoon at club la santa

Stand Up Paddle Race

Challenge your group in the lagoon by booking a SUP race and a Green Teamer instructor will arrange and guide you through it all. Some basic paddling skills are required for this race.

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green team windsruf instructor teaching guest on land simulator at club la santa


Our safe, enclosed lagoon is the perfect spot to learn or improve your windsurfing skills.

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guests splashing and having fun in aqua party class in leisure pool at club la santa

Aqua Party

Want to start a party? Aqua Party is an activity for everyone! You will combine fun moves with energetic music to give you an entertaining workout in the leisure pool.

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woman taking part in aqua up class in the leisure pool at club la santa with text

Aqua UP

Want a class full of laughter and hard training? Aqua Up is a challenging and innovative way to improve your core strength and balance using an inflatable, floating platform.

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group of men playing beach volley ball at club la santa

Beach Volleyball Tournament

If you want to enjoy the sun and feel the warm sand beneath your feet, then our social beach volley tournament is for you! Book our Green Team instructor to arrange and run a beach volley tournament for you.

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Two green teamers at Club La Santa

Beat the Green Team

Grab your group and try to beat our Green Team instructors in lots of different challenges. This activity is for everyone and provides a great opportunity to join a fun activity together. May the best team win.

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guest and green teamer playing petanque by the lagoon at club la santa

Bolas Tournament

Bolas is a game played on the beach next to the beach volleyball courts.

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Man climbing in bouldering room at club la santa

Bouldering Instruction

Bouldering is rock climbing stripped down to its raw essentials.

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Break the Ice

This activity includes teambuilding and ice breaking games - mixing sport and fun!

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Young woman playing the egg throwing game

Egg Throwing

Want to find out who is the best team in your group at throwing and catching fresh eggs over the longest distance?

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Fitness Football

Fitness Football is a 50-minute hard but fun cardio and strength workout with a football. The instruction is for everyone, even if you have never played football before, which makes it perfect for groups.

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Club la Santa south hall

Fitness Handball

Fitness Handball is a 50-minute hard but fun cardio and strength workout with a handball.

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Man playing tennis on Club La Santa main court

Fitness Tennis

If your group is into tennis or racket sports and wants to combine it with social time and fitness exercises, this is the perfect class for you.

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Playing football on 5-a-side at club la santa

Football Tournament

Book one of our Green Team instructors to arrange a football tournament for you and your group. The instructor will act as referee and keep score.

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teenagers playing basketball on basketball court at club la santa

Fun Battle

Are you up for some action and adrenaline? If so, Fun-Battle is something for you!

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Girl doing gymnastics


This session will focus on improving balance, strength and basic tumbling techniques under the supervision of our Green Team instructors.

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beach volley ball

Indoor Volleyball Tournament

Book a Social Volleyball Tournament and let our Green Team instructor arrange a 6 vs 6 tournament for you. Experience the rush and excitement of the volleyball game with your group.

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Social Mini Golf

Bring your group together to enjoy a social moment playing on our 20-hole mini golf course. In this social tournament a Green Team Instructor will help you arrange a tournament between yourselves.

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group of kids having fun on SUP board in the lagoon at club la santa


Do you like strategy, competition and working as a team? If so, you will love our Stratego activity.

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group train abs during SUP fitness class in the lagoon at club la santa

SUP Fitness

You will perform a variety of strength and balance exercises on a Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) board.

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woman swimming in south pools at club la santa

Green Team Aquathlon

Book our Green Team Aquathlon with 200m swim and 3km run.

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Green Team triathlon at club la santa

Green Team Triathlon with body bike

Book our Green Team Triathlon with body bike with swim 400m, 15km body bike and 3km run around the lagoon.

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