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Become a better rider with GURU Bike Fit and personal instruction

If you are serious about your cycling, then we have a great offer for you: GURU Bike Fitat very competitive prices. Achieve more power on the bike, more effective cycling and better comfort when your bike is tailored exactly to your wishes and measurements.


GURU Bike Fit is all about precision, comfort and performance. Via video, markers on the body, a scan of your pedal movement and your power transmission, you are adjusted in the saddle while you ride. Your optimum position on the bike is found by comparing your riding in many different positions, to eventually find your exact optimal posture and position.


With GURU Bike Fit your riding is compared in various positions in real time, while you test the bike and are active on the pedals. You will be able to notice even very small changes in your bike position: We can adjust and adapt precisely and in great detail (adjustments of 3-5 mm).


Personal instruction

To take full advantage of your cycling holiday at Club La Santa, you can hire a personal instructor who can give you professional cycling advice. You can have an individual training programme prepared that is tailored to your challenges and wishes.


How to book:

Unfortunately we cannot offer advance booking of personal instruction or Guru Bike Fit. You should contact Sports Booking directly at Club La Santa during your stay and book and pay through them.

If you are travelling in a group, and several people would like personal instruction or Guru Bike Fit, please contact your local sales office or email:

Basic Bike Fit, road bikes


Basic introduction to effective cycling

  • Body and position analysis

  • Correct saddle height and positioning

Duration: 1 hour

Price: Only EUR 69


Advanced Bike Fit, Road, TT and triathlon bikes


  • In-depth introduction to effective cycling

  • Body and position analysis

  • Correct saddle height and positioning

  • Handlebars, tri-handlebars and brake adjustment

  • Cleat and shoe adjustment

  • Power and cadence feedback

  • Follow-up e-mail with Bike Fit details

Duration: 2.5 hours

Price: EUR 149

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