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Below you will find some of the frequently asked questions that hopefully will assist you prior to your visit at Club La Santa. If your question is not addressed, please contact us through the contact form below. 




What type of bikes do you have?

Our current types of bikes include: Kids Bikes, Road, Mountain, City / Hybrid, Tandems which are inclusive of resort price. There is also the option to upgrade to performance Road and Triathlon specific bikes. City bike style Ebikes are also available at an additional charge.


What brands of bikes do you have?

Our main brand for bikes is Cannondale. Stevens Bikes is our brand for the Triathlon specific bikes.


What sizes of bikes do you have?

The bike centre can accommodate every size of bike, from toddlers on balance bikes, to adults more than 190cm tall.


Are helmets included? If so, how much extra does it cost?

Yes, helmets are always to be worn in accordance with Spanish Law and are provided inclusive of resort price, so there is no extra cost!


I have clipped in pedals - do I need to bring them?

The bike centre can provide the following pedal types: Shimano SL & SPD, Look Keo, Look Delta and standard flat pedals. We DO NOT provide Speedplay pedals or MTB ‘eggbeater’ pedal types, therefore we recommend bringing your own pedals and the team will fit your pedals to your rental bike.


If I bring my own saddle can this be fitted to a bike?

Yes. Bikes rented via our upgrade option can be fitted with your own saddle and additional equipment and your measurements if you have had a bike fit previously.


Do you provide ladies specific saddles?

We have a limited number of lady’s specific saddles, however due to saddle choice being so personal, we do recommend ladies to bring their own saddles if they know they can suffer from issues from saddles they are not familiar with. A member of the team will install the saddle on collection.


Do you rent cycling shoes?

We do not rent cycling shoes. Shoes are available to purchase from our resort Sports Shop.


Does the bike come with any spares, eg, Puncture repair kit?

Yes, every bike is fitted with a saddle bag which will have a spare innertube and tyre levers. All bikes are also fitted with a mini pump and two bottle cages are also attached to the bike. Contact cards with local taxi numbers are also available on request.


Is it possible to purchase cycling accessories and spares nearby if needed?

Yes, the Bike Centre has a range of essential spares including water bottles and Sports Nutrition. Our resort Sports Shop also has an extensive range of products including clothing.




I am not staying at Club La Santa resort, can I still rent a carbon upgrade bike?
All bike rental is restricted to ‘checked-in’ guests of Club La Santa resort only.


Is it possible to book a bike which is inclusive of the resort price in advance before arrival?
No, access to these bikes is only possible on arrival to the hotel. All-inclusive bikes are available on our Club La Santa app which is activated on hotel check in.


Can I keep an all-inclusive bike for the duration of my stay?
No, this is not possible. All-inclusive bikes are available for certain timeslots during each day and must be returned before the end of the timeslot you have booked via the Club La Santa App.


Can I keep a bike overnight?
No. All-inclusive bikes must be returned to the bike centre before the end of the booked timeslot and before the bike centre closes. The only bikes that can be kept overnight and for the full duration of your stay are the Upgrade Bikes which require an additional payment, and just need to be returned at the end of the rental term.


How do I book an upgrade bike?
Upgrade bikes are available to book and pay online via the Club La Santa website by clicking here. 


What bikes are offered as an upgrade option?
Upgrade options include Cannondale SuperSix Carbon Ultegra, Cannondale Synapse Carbon 105 and Stevens VOLT Di2 Triathlon Bike.


Can I book an upgrade bike for one day only?
The minimum rental period for all upgrade bikes is three days. One Day rentals are not possible for Upgrade bikes.


I have tried to book an upgrade bike online, but my size is not available, what can I do?
Our full capacity of bikes is shown online and is automatically updated when there are cancellations, therefore if your size is not available then we recommend keeping checking our website.


Bike rental upgrades are fully booked, can Club La Santa rent me a bike from somewhere else?
No. Club La Santa will not act on behalf of guests to organise bike rental from any other external companies. This is the sole responsibility of the guest.


I have rented a carbon upgrade bike for my stay. If I bring my stages crank powermeter, can you fit it to the bike?
Cannondale SuperSix bikes use an exclusive Cannondale SI Hollowgram chainset, therefore if you use a Stages powermeter (crank based) then it must be SI Hollowgram compatible to work with our rental bikes. Stages Shimano cranks are not possible. For all pedal based powermeters - it is no problem for the team to install your pedals at the time of collection.


Is insurance included in the rental price of carbon upgrade bikes?
Insurance is not included within the rental price but is available to purchase as an add-on to your bike rental and the price will correspond to the amount of days rental. Our insurance coverage is not compulsory but is highly recommended. Do also check with your holiday insurance provider too as an alternative.


What does the bike rental insurance add-on cover?
Our insurance add-on covers all things related to loss, theft, accidental damage including crashes. Insurance covers both leisure use and participation during any Club La Santa hosted events / races such as Ironman Lanzarote. For more details check our Bike Rental Terms & Conditions.




We are working hard to address all incoming enquiries but due to a high volume there might be a delay in replying. Here are some questions and answers that will help us speed up the process. Thank you for your patience!


My holiday has been cancelled. Can I have a refund on bike rental? 
Yes, please ensure to forward us your original booking confirmation e-mail which should clearly show the invoice details, for example: ‘’Bike Rental Booking Invoice: Apr0909-20”. Please also confirm the name and e-mail address in which the booking was made.

Can I get the refund via bank transfer?
For security reasons, the refund will be made to the card or Paypal account in which the original payment was made.

Can I receive a refund in gift vouchers to spend on the resort?
No, unfortunately not. All refunds will be made to the card or Paypal account in which the original payment was made.

When will I receive my refund?
Please allow up to 30 days for the refund to be received. Due to the very high volume of requests, we are working as fast as possible to make all the refunds. Please get in touch, if you have not received the money within 30 days.

Can I change my booking to another time in 2021?
Yes, absolutely! Please ensure to forward us your original booking confirmation e-mail which should clearly show the invoice details, for example: ‘’Bike Rental Booking Invoice: Apr0909-20”. Please also confirm the name and e-mail address in which the booking was made. Finally - ensure to stipulate exact dates in which you wish to have your new booking changed. Please do not state week numbers.




Are there bike mechanics on the resort to assist with repairs and maintenance if I bring my own bike?
Yes. Club La Santa has a fully functional workshop with a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced bike mechanics who can assist on all types of bikes.


Is there a cost for having my bike repaired at the Bike Centre?
Yes. Labour charges do apply to maintenance and servicing carried out by our mechanics. Our rates are highly competitive, and much welcomed by many of our guests compared to the rates of their home countries. If parts are required, then charges also apply.


Is it possible to have my own bike unpacked and repacked for travel?
Yes. Simply bring everything to the Bike Centre after you have ‘checked-in’ and the Customer Service team with book your bike in with the mechanics to be unpacked or packed. We always aim for a prompt turnaround, especially to allow you to get on the road as fast as possible on arrival!


My own bike has electronic gears, if I experience problems during me stay can the workshop assist?
The Bike Centre has the software and diagnostic kits associated with Shimano Di2 electronic gearing including spares such as cables and batteries. If using SRAM eTAP then we recommend travelling with one spare battery for the rear derailleur and to remove this battery from the bike for travel.


Do you have any recommendations of spares to travel with, when bringing my own bike?
Our number one recommendation is to always travel with at least one spare ‘rear hanger’ when traveling with your own bike. Rear hangers often get bent during flight travel which causes gear issues when riding. Our mechanics have the tools to try and straighten / align a hanger if it gets bent, but they will only attempt to straighten it if they know you are travelling with a spare. The nature of the metal used makes rear hangers susceptible to snapping during the straightening process, so a spare or even two, is our number one recommendation!




Can you recommend road and off-road cycling routes?
Yes, our Bike Centre Team will be able to recommend routes to suit your desired distances. Free maps are also available at the bike centre alongside pre-planned routes available within the Club La Santa APP.


I am travelling to Lanzarote for the first time, what are the general conditions of the road surfaces?
The last three years has seen an enormous investment on improving Lanzarote’s Road Infrastructure and is still ongoing. Without doubt the overall road conditions are perfect for both road and aero/triathlon bikes.


I am travelling alone - is it possible to find other people to ride with during my stay at Club La Santa?
Yes, absolutely. Each week the bike centre hosts many guided road and MTB tours of all different levels, lead by our dedicated team, and these are a great way to meet others and perhaps arrange your own rides. Club La Santa has as a STRAVA CLUB page and this is also a great way to create discussions prior to your visit asking to meet others for general riding and training throughout your stay.


Do you offer other services relating to cycling and triathlon, for example, bike fit?
Yes, Club La Santa now has a Sports Performance Studio where many analysis-based services relating to Swim, Bike and Run (including Bike Fit) are offered.

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