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Club La Santa 4 Stage Mountain Bike Race Lanzarote

26th - 29th of January 2019
UCI Category S1 - 4 days where amateur and elite riders challenge themselves on varied terrain of tarmac roads, sand, lava fields and dirt track routes in the north of the island. 90% of the course is off-road.



4SMTB Frame Youtube.jpg

Course Description

90% of the course is off road, covering sand, lava fields and dirt tracks in the north of the island.

The Time Trial stage starts from Caleta de Famara going up to Las Nieves (approx. 25 K) with 500 meters of climbing. 
The Stage 4 is the hardest race and leads the riders from Club La Santa towards Teguise, continuing to the bottom of the mountain close to the water dam “la Presa de Mala”, then up to the windmills (more than 10K climb). The return journey takes participants through Teguise and on to Club La Santa. New: La Presa Time trial will be included in Stage 4.

Participants in the Cadets division can only compete in Stage 1 (Saturday) and in half of the course of Stage 2 (Sunday).

Best photo competition
Send us your best photo from the event and win prizes.

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First 30 slots at a SPECIAL price: 110€, only valid for 4 Stages

Entry fee until 26/08/2018:
1 Stage 40€ - 2 Stages 75€ -  3 Stages 110€ - 4 Stages 130€
Entry fee 27.08.2018-26.11.2018:
1 Stage 45€ - 2 Stages 90€ -  3 Stages 130€ - 4 Stages 160€

Entry fee 27.11.2018-15.01.2019:

1 Stage 50€ - 2 Stages 100€ -  3 Stages 150€ - 4 Stages 190€



The entry fee includes an event T-shirt.
Deadline for registering: the 15th of January 2019 at 13:00 CET (or as soon as the race slot contingent has been exhausted)
Slots are limited to 500, early booking is advisable to avoid disappointment.

Refund policy:
75% before 26/08/2018
50% before 26/09/2018
25% before 26/11/2018
No refund from 27/11/2018

Withdrawals should be sent in writing to


Timing Sense  is the official timing system for all participants.


Aid stations and medical care

One water station is located on the course during races 1 and 3, and two stations on the courses for races 2 and 4. Participants should still carry their own bike bottles and other essentials. The aid station at the finish line will provide water, Coca-Cola, fruit.

Full medical care will be available during the event.


•Spanish Cycling Federation rules must be followed

•Only Mountain Bikes will be admitted to the race

•The MTB must be in perfect working condition. Participants must carry out a safety check of the bike before racing (oiled chain, perfect functioning shifters & brakes, good condition tyres, etc.). The final check will be performed by the Spanish Cycling Federation judges

•Participants should carry spare parts

•Your race number must be placed on your back, the front of your helmet and the front of your bike

•It is mandatory to wear a helmet

•Outside help is not allowed - No participant shall accept help from any person (other than a race official)

•You MUST carry a license and an authorization to race in Spain issued from your national Cycling Federation which is valid for 2019. If you do not have these, you will be required to purchase a Spanish day license for each Stage at registration (2018 fee: 1 stage 5€; 2, 3, 4 stages 10€ - price to be confirmed for 2019).

2019 Race regulations here 

2019 Environmental guide  here

2019 Athlete guide with new emergency number here


Cadets 15-16 *
Junior 17-18 
Elite 19-29
Master 30+ 
Master 40+ 
Master 50+ 
Master 60+

* Cadets can compete only in Stage 1 and in half course of Stage 2.

The Organization reserves the right, at any time, to vary the content of the programme



Friday, January 25th
15.00-19.00 Race pack collection and information, The Square, Club La Santa16.00-16.30 Press conference with pro racers in the south conference center19.15-20.00 Technical meeting, The Square, Club La Santa
Saturday, January 26th - Race Day 1: short course (approx 42 km)
10.00 Meeting point at the stadium, Club La Santa
10.30 Race start
13.00 1st cut-off and AID-station in Tinguatón. Km 25.5
14.00 cut-off at the finish line, Club La Santa
Podium 3 first Elite participants shortly after the race (stadium)
Race Map 1Stage 1 -  Feed zone GPS coordinate: 29° 01' 47.02" N  13°41'07.81" W
Sunday, January 27th - Race day 2: long course (approx 60 km)
08.30 Meeting point at the stadium, Club La Santa
09.00 Race start
11.00 1st cut-off and AID-station 1 in Mancha Blanca, Km 18.5
13.00 2nd cut-off and AID-station 2 at La Vegueta, Km 44
14.30 cut-off at the finish line, Club La Santa
Podium 3 first Elite participants shortly after the race (stadium)
14.00 Awards Ceremony and paella for the participants (Beach Club)
Race Map 2
Stage 2 - Feed zone 1 GPS coordinate: 29°02'36.22"N 13°41'39.43" W
Stage 2 - Feed zone 2 GPS coordinate29°02'42.49"N 13°40'26.94" W

Monday, January 28th - Race Day 3: Time trial (approx 21 km)
09.00 Race start, Caleta de Famara
Podium 3 first Elite participants shortly after the race (Ermita de Las Nieves)
The optional transfer by bus from Club La Santa to the start of the race (Caleta de Famara), and the transfer back from the finish line (Ermita de las Nieves) to Club La Santa must be booked at the race pack collection desk.
Race Map 3
Stage 3 - Feed zone 1 GPS coordinate: 29°04'05.23"N 13°32'34.29"W
Tuesday January 29th Race day 4: XL (approx 81 km)
08.30 Meeting point at the stadium, Club La Santa
09.00 Race start
11.30 1st cut-off and AID-station 1 at junction with LZ 408, Km. 20
13.00 2nd cut-off and AID-station 2 before the climb to Mala Dam, Km. 40
15.00 3rd cut-off and AID-station 3 at junction with LZ 408, Km. 62
16.00 Cut-off at the finish line, Club La Santa
NEW: "The Time Trial Dam" is included in the XL race. To be eligible for the Time Trial Dam prize you MUST be a Finisher of the entire stage. Every participant, no matter which category, can win the Timetrial.
Podium 3 first Elite participants shortly after the race (stadium)
20.30 Award ceremony, video, dj music, Club La Santa
Race Map 4
Stage 4 - Feed zone 1 & 3 GPS coordinate: 29°02'07.34"N 13°34'53.74"W
Stage 4 - Feed zone 2 GPS coordinate: 29°06'04.01"N 13°28'27.47"W
The prize money will be awarded in Euros to the participants in the Elite UCI * category.
* To qualify for the prize money it is mandatory to be in the Elite category and have a UCI license issued by the National Cycling Federation (with UCI ID) and valid for 2019.
UCI Elite (19-29) m / f
Overall (4 stages)
1st: € 800, 2nd: € 600, 3rd: € 400, 4th: € 250
5th: € 200, 6th: € 180, 7th: € 160, 8th: € 140
9th: € 120, 10th: € 100
Local taxes and bank fees will be deducted from the prize money.
UCI Elite (19-29) m / f
Individual stage
1st: € 270, 2nd: € 200, 3rd: € 150, 4th: € 100, 5th: € 90
Local taxes and bank fees will be deducted from the prize money.
Prize money is calculated based on the combination of time and classification in all stages.
Stadium: podium top 3 elite m / f at the each of each stage
Winners Age Groups - m / f
Overall (4 races)
Juniors - Master 30+ - Master 40 + - Master 50 + - Master 60 +:
Trophies and gift vouchers to the top 3.
Trophy for the 3 best citizens of the Canary Islands and the first citizen of Lanzarote (male / female): To be eligible for this award, you must present a certificate stating your place of birth at the registration desk.
Winners Age Groups - m / f
Individual stage
Cadets 15-16 - Juniors - Master 30 + - Master 40 + - Master 50 + - Master 60 +:
Gift voucher for the winner.


See all Race Results

See or download results from previous editions of all our races.







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Best Photo Competition

For the celebration of the 17th 4 Stage MTB Race Lanzarote which will take place at Club La Santa, from the 26th until the 29th of January 2019, Club La Santa presents the contest for the "BEST PHOTO". The purpose is to raise awareness of this event and show the beauty of Lanzarote through photographic art.


Photos can show any moment prior, during or after the race, focusing on any of its aspects (organization, volunteers or spectators' point of view). It is optional if the triathletes should be central theme in the photo or play a smaller part. Special attention will be given to images showing both the race and the beauty of the island of Lanzarote, from an original point of view. Finishing photos of elite athletes are excluded from the contest.

Participants and registration
Open for both amateurs and professionals. The photos must be submitted before the 12th of February 2019 at 12:00. The submitted photos must be original and not previously published. The participant presenting a photo, automatically declares to be the owner and author of the photo, that it is original and has not been published before.

How to enter and technical requirements
Each participant can submit a maximum of 3 photos. 
The photos must be sent to and need to fulfil the following requirements:

-          Up to 3 photos in jpeg format, with the name of the photo as file name. Maximum size of 1 Mb.
-          Please include the contact information of the Photographer: address, phone number and e-mail address.
-          The winning photos must be sent in 300 dpi, minimum 2 Mb. for promotional actions of the contest and race, for the present and future editions.

The participants in the contest may at no point invade the race course, nor disturb or be an obstacle for the smooth development of the race.

1st Prize: a meal for 2 persons  at El Lago restaurant, 2 entries for the Wellness Centre, a 40€ gift voucher to be used at the Sports Shop, Club La Santa.
The winner will be publicly announced latest on the 26th of February 2019, on the event's Facebook page.

The author of the winning photo gives Club La Santa, the organizer of this contest and of the 4 Stage MTB Race Lanzarote full right of use, dissemination, distribution, public communication, exhibition and reproduction which have to do with promotion or cultural purposes, always mentioning the author’s credit.
The participants guarantee and are responsible for compliance with the intellectual property and the rights of the photographs submitted and that dissemination and/or reproduction of the photo in the context doesn’t harm or in any other damage others.
The participants in the contest may at no point invade the race course, nor disturb or be an obstacle for the smooth development of the race. No specific accreditations will be given for participating in the contest. By entering this contest, the participants automatically fully accept each and every part of the contest rules and the final decision made by the jury.