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Swingtime Aerobics, Fitness & Dance Convention

NOTE - this is an international free event!

8. - 15. June 2018
An international team of professional instructors is waiting to give you the ultimate fitness experience! An Aerobics, Fitness and Dance Convention bursting with energy, professionalism, power, social activities and plenty of sunshine. The week is suitable for EVERYONE: instructors looking for lots of inspiration and participants ”simply” looking to enjoy the ultimate workout.



Professional instructors will guide you through the many and varied classes, no matter whether your favourite is aerobics, dance or fitness. Instructor or not, the broad spectrum of classes ensures there’s something for you!

The convention is restricted to guests staying at Club La Santa during the event. Book today to guarantee a place on the best, action-packed aerobic event of the year!




On a daily basis we offer:

  • 3-4 step classes different levels
  • 3-4 dance classes (hip hop, street dance, Ballroom Fitness™, Latin, etc.)
  • 2-3 aerobics classes (with and without coreography)
  • 2-3 body-mind classes (pilates, yoga, etc.)
  • 2 strength classes (body toning, kick boxing, mm.)

For those with energy left, we guarantee party in the evenings and nights via special dance events, karaoke, beach barbecues etc.

Take a look at what to expect


Elisabeth Dalsgaard and Team

The final instructor set-up will be announced later. The professional team is led by Elisabeth Dalsgaard.

Organiser and presenter. Elisabeth is instructing in both June and September. She has been a professional instructor since 1995 and is in high demand throughout Europe as a respected presenter and instructor. She has her own firm, Swingtime ApS, which runs four dance schools among other things. She has organised events for Club La Santa since 2004. She has developed several concept classes. Most recently, Ballroom Fitness, which combines ballroom dancing with aerobics. Se more here



Christos Gabriel · Grækenland

Christos is trained and educated at the Democritus university in Greece. His working as an international Fitness presenter og has teached in many countries. He is responsible the group fitness education in one of the biggest fitness schools in Greece (Gr.a.f.t.s Hellas). Christos passion for dance end expression through movement, is not only limited to fitness. Han has previously worked in several music theateres.

Steve Watson · England

Steve is co-director of Chrysalis Promotions and has been involved in the fitness industry for more than 23 years. After being awarded the "Puma New Presenter, 1998", he has achieved various other distinctions and even more international acclaim. Steve's energy, enthusiasm, motivation and teaching technique ensure that his classes can be customised to suit individual needs. You feel safe in Steve's hands and he manages to get everyone involved in his classes. He is one of Britain's most sought-after presenters. Read more here:


Sava Assenov · Bulgaria

Sava is former Euopean master of Acrobatics and Bulgarian Champion of Aerobics. Sava currently lives in Munich but the whole world is his workplace. He is widely used and respected as a presenter at many large conventions. He is particularly known for his "jazz-inspired" dance classes but his step classes, Pilates and yoga classes are also legendary. He always teaches with his characteristically calm and infectious humour and knows exactly how to create optimal power and energy in every class. Read more on




This event is free, but has to be booked before leaving for Club La Santa.

Additionally you will have to book and pay your travel arrangements (accommodation, flight, airport transfers, etc.) with your nearest Club La Santa office/ agency. Club La Santa reserves the right to make changes to the program.

With this registration, I declare that I will abide by the rules of the event and participate at my own risk. I agree that Club La Santa is not liable for any losses, damages, costs or expenses incurred as a result of my participation.