Ballroom Fitness™

The popular fitness concept where you will feel like a “Strictly Come Dancing” superstar. Ballroom Fitness™ will teach you to jive, waltz, tango, samba etc. whilst having a fun effective workout. This is all done to the latest and most popular music without a partner – you can create your own partner in your dreams! Get your trainers rea-dy and prepare to Ballroom in a fitness Way – Its Ballroom Fitness


International dance week for you who want to learn to dance without a partner

The classes will mainly be taugth in English. There will be 3-4 Ballroom Fitness™ classes every day and 1-2 different dance classes. Elisabeth Dalsgaard, Steen Lund & Niclas Detlefsen is your instructor team.

Booking, price and flight

For more info on travel and stay at Club La Santa - please contact your nearest Club La Santa Office: · Club La Santa Germany Office + 49 40 5510034 or · Club La Santa UK Office +44 161 790 9890 or 

Please remember to state that you participate in ’Ballroom Fitness™’ week.


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