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International Senior Ballroom Fitness™

17. - 24. June 2016
The classes will be taught in both danish and english. Every day we offer 3-4 Ballroom Fitness dance classes where seniors are the target group. Elisabeth Dalsgaard & Hanne Taisbak Jul will be your instructor team. 

The Classes

The popular fitness concept where you will feel like a “Strictly Come Dancing” superstar. Ballroom Fitness will teach you to jive, waltz, tango, samba etc. whilst having a fun effective workout. This is all done to the latest and most popular music without a partner – you can create your own partner in your dreams! Get your trainers ready and prepare to Ballroom in a fitness Way – Its Ballroom Fit-ness™! In 2016 we have three different Ballroom Fitness™ events.


Price for particing in the event, booking and pricing for stay and flight

160 Euro per person per week. The amount covers free access to all dance classes and lectures, as well as a Ballroom Fitness t-shirt.  

Please book the event directly with Swingtime at or by phone: 0045 48 224 324. Registration is binding and non-refundable if any cancellation.

To book your accommodation, please contact your nearest sales office or book online and remember to state that you are participating in the Ballroom Fitness week.

Example program



18.00                 Velcome and info meeting



10.00-12.00        Ballroom Fitness 

17.00-18.00        Funk Show dance 

18.00-19.00        Ballroom Fitness



10.00-12.00        Ballroom Fitness

16.00-17.00        Rock'n Robics

17.00-18.00        Ballroom Fitness



11.00-12.30        Dance on the beach

15.00-16.00        Salsa

16.00-17.00        Ballroom Fitness

17.00-18.00        Ballroom Fitness



09.00-10.00        Ballroom Fitness

10.00-11.00        Latin Jam 

11.00-12.00        Hip hop 

16.00-18.00        Ballroom fitness 

22.30                   Dance at the disco



10.00-11.00        Ballroom Fitness 

11.00-12.00        Showdance

16.00-18.00        Ballroom Fitness 

20.00                   Show at the square



09.00-10.00        Rock'n Robics 

10.00-11.00        Ballroom Fitness 

11.00-12.00        Ballroom Fitness



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Elisabeth Dalsgaard

Elisabeth Dalsgaard Elisabeth Dalsgaard is an international presenter and choreographer who has been teaching in the fitness industry since 1995. Elisabeth teaches a variety of classes in both aerobics and dance. Her classes are full of energy and new ideas and always a lot of fun!


Hanne Taisbak Jul

Hanne Taisbak Jul is a certificated Ballroom Fitness™ instructor, and has for the past 4 years, taugth with great succes in Århus in Denmark. She has specialised in teaching senior classes. Hanne loves dancing and teaching, and for sure you feel that when she is in charge on the dance floor.