Fit 'n' Fun KIDZ & TEENZ

The Kickin’ Dance Zone School Team invites kids between the ages of 5-17 years to come and join in the fun, being creative with music, dance, drama and singing. As seen on UK’s ITV & CBBC, the K.I.D.Z School will keep your kids and teenagers active by bringing out their talent and creativity through theatre and dance and providing your child with a non-competitive element during our summer programme.

The Kickin' Dance Zone School Philosophy

Now in its 21st year, the FitCamp Team sees many of its performers come back year after year to Fit'n'Fun KIDZ & TEENZ. The kids and teenagers have the opportunity to join in with all the fun, get creative with music, dance, drama and get hands-on experience with show production. By joining the Fit'n'Fun Crew, your child will become part of a cohesive team, producing a fantastic and professional show in just 4 days to perform to the guests.

Lydia Campbell, Director of Fit'n'Fun K.I.D.Z, believes that all children should have the opportunity to experience dance and drama together no matter what their age, ability, language or nationality. The aim is to develop their confidence, self-esteem, imagination, coordination, rhythm, creativity, and motivation. We make them a part of an international performing team through dance, music, drama, and production. The training at Fit'n'Fun Kidz & Teenz is so diverse that it encompasses various dance/drama techniques from contemporary and street dance to acrobatics, martial arts, stage fighting and mime. It doesn't matter what your child's ability is … "we don't expect all children to be of the same level or have the same background or experience in dance…".

During the event week, the teamwork on developing the team strengths and interests. This process enhances their passion for performing arts and gives them the confidence to explore new styles of dance and theatrics. In addition to this, there is a big focus on collaborative learning - the team empower the team by encouraging them to work with all the children regardless of age, nationality, gender or ability. This nurtures emotional and social development and builds learners' confidence.

The end result is the ever spectacular Fit'n'Fun Show, where everybody star in at the Square on Tuesday night.

Once again, the team will be running a Teenz program alongside the Kidz dance program. The rehearsals will take place at the same time in the square but will be split into different age groups accordingly. We invite everyone aged 5 to 10 years old to participate in the Kidz sessions and everyone aged 11 to 17 years old to participate in the Teenz sessions. Everyone will prepare for and star in the Fit'n'Fun Show on Tuesday night.

Example Programme

17.00–18.00 Learn an opening dance routine

09.30-11.30 Learn 2nd and 3rd dances
15.00           Fit'n'Fun Pool games 
17.00-18.00 Learn 4th dance 

09.30-11.30 Learn 5th & 6th dances 
17.00-18.00 Learn 7th dance 


09.30-11.30 Learn finale dance 
                    Costume fittings.

09.30-11.30 Full Dress rehearsal
16.00-17.00 Full Show & technical rehearsal
20.00           Meet for costumes & make-up
20.30           Showtime
                    Followed by Certificates  
                    to All of the Fit'n'Fun Crew

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