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IAW - International Aerobic Week at Club La Santa

15. - 23. September 2017

IAW (International Aerobics Weeks) was a great at Club La Santa from September 1992 to August 2009. Always with the best international instructors - thousands of fitness happy people from all over Europe took part. Now we invite you back to Club La Santa. In the period between 15. - 23. September 2017 we celebrate the 25th anniversary, by reviving the many fun and wonderful hours under the sun.


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Internationale Aerobic, Dans, Fitness & Fun Week


To make this reunion special, we every day present a variety of classes. Here you will find something for every taste and level. You will be taught by the best IAW team of instructors and in the evening we offer exciting, fun and social entertainment.

It is 25 years since we started to organize IAW weeks and now we feel it's time for a reunion with the many friends we have met over the years and restore some of the many magical moments we have experienced in the magical and wonderful sport paradise - Club La Santa.


A memorable and wonderful dancing experience under the sun of Lanzarote!


The wide variety of aerobics, dance and fitness classes offered, ensures that there is something for all fitness levels and all tastes. As an extension of the daily activities, the evenings also offer a wide range of high-quality entertainment.

IAW is the ideal opportunity to combine a fantastic fitness and aerobics week with a fun and relaxing holiday that will appeal to the whole family. Those who previously have participated in the IAW weeks know what a great experience it is.

The week is for everyone, so book your holiday now. If you book before 30. April 2017 the price is € 159. The price from 1. May 2017 onwards, is € 199

Come to Club La Santa and treat yourself. You deserve it!


  • The ultimate Aerobics, Dance, Fitness & Fun holiday in the sun.

  • Choose between a minimum of 12 classes each day, with something for everyone in Fitness, Aerobics and dance classes.

  • Relax and enjoy the wide range of all-inclusive sports facilities at Club La Santa. Indulge in the gastronomic delights of the excellent restaurants and bars.

  • Enjoy the amazing evenings with others and participate in the many rides there foregårom evening.
    Round off the evening with dancing and socializing at Club La Santa disco.  

    The best holiday and fitness experience!
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International Aerobic Weeks 2017 at Club La Santa

Interview with the fitness legend Charles Longdon-Hughes before IAW 2017 at Club La Santa.

Charles Longdon-Hughes

Back in September 1992 Charles Longdon-Hughes and Club La Santa started something that can be traced back to the big current trend in active fitness and aerobics holiday in the sun, where guests participate in a variety of classes, make new friends and share a fun holiday with other like-minded.

The event was called International Aerobics Weeks (IAW) and involved teams selected by the International instructors, whose sole purpose was to help guests to have as much fun as possible during their holiday in the sun at Club La Santa and Lanzarote.

The international IAW instructor team

Kirsten Johnson – Tyskland/USA  |  Denise Page – GB  |  Mathias Naujocks – Tyskland  |  Alex Nielsen – Danmark |  Patricia Malling – Danmark  |  Fitzroy Gaynes - GB | Chloe Sargant - GB  I  Leah Dodd - GB  I  Jason Mellors - GB  I  Charles Longdon-Hughes - GB