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IAW Back To The Future - Reunion Event

30th of September until 8th of October of 2016
The IAW events at Club La Santa ran successfully from September 1992 until September 2009, featured some of the best International Presenters, and were attended by thousands of participants from all over Europe. We invite you to join us at the newly refurbished and improved Club La Santa Resort, as we celebrate 24 years of the IAW events and relive some of the wonderful, fun times that we had over the years.


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International Aerobics, Dance, Fitness & Fun


To enhance this reunion experience, we will be presenting a wide variety of classes each day to suit all tastes and different levels of fitness and ability, taught by an IAW Team of Instructors with an exciting and fun-packed social and entertainment programme in the evenings.

After 24 years of the holding these IAW events, we feel it is time to have a reunion and catch up with the many friends that we have made over the years, and recapture some of the wonderful moments that we shared in that unique and magical Sports and Activity paradise that we all know as Club La Santa.


A truly memorable and enjoyable active holiday experience!


The wide variety of Aerobics, Dance and Fitness classes on offer cater for all fitness levels and ensure that there is something to suit every taste. A variety of high quality entertainments, available in the evenings, complete each day’s experience. This is the ideal opportunity to combine a fantastic active fitness and aerobics week with a fun and relaxing holiday, which will appeal to everyone in the family. Those who have attended these IAW events in the past know what a wonderful holiday experience they are, and would enjoy meeting up with old friends and share past experiences.

Come and treat yourself to the best. You deserve it!


The ultimate Aerobics, Dance, Fitness & Fun holiday in the Sun:

  • Choose from a minimum of 12 classes each day, with something to suit every taste in Fitness, Aerobics and Dance classes.
  • Relax and enjoy the wide variety of all-inclusive Sports facilities on offer.
  • Indulge in the gastronomic delights of the excellent restaurants and bars.
  • Be entranced by some of the wonderful evening entertainments available in the evenings.
  • Round off the evenings by dancing in the night club, or enjoying the various fun activities and bars on offer at the resort.

Enjoy the best active holiday of a lifetime!

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Charles Longdon-Hughes talks about IAW Reunion 2016

Enjoy this interview with the fitness legend Charles Longdon-Hughes. Feel the sun, the energy and the friendly atmosphere of this unique event; relive the good times or create new memories at Club La Santa.

IAW Instructors

Back in September 1992 Charles Longdon-Hughes and Club La Santa started something, which led to the current trend of active fitness and aerobics holidays in the sun, where guests engage in a wide variety of Group Exercise classes, making new friends and sharing a fun-filled holiday with other like-minded people.

The event was called the International Aerobics Weeks (IAW) and involved selected teams of International Instructors whose sole aim was to help the mainly German, Danish and UK guests to have as much fun as possible while indulging in the ‘active holiday of a lifetime’ in the warm sunshine of the Canary Islands.

Fitzroy Gaynes – UK  |  Kirsten Johnson – Germany/USA  |  Denise Page – UK  |  Mathias Naujocks – Germany  |  Rachel Holmes – UK  |  Marc Johnson – Austria/Canada  |  Lowe Lundholm – Sweden  |  Dean Hodgkins – UK  |  Marco Castellano – Italy  |  Alex Nielsen – Denmark  |  Masara Dziruni (Mr. Move It!) – Austria/Zimbabwe  |  Samuel Nogueira – Germany/Brazil  |  Ina Thanild – Denmark  |  Laura Hoger – Denmark  |  Lydia Campbell – UK  |  Patricia Malling – Denmark  |  Heidi Holm – Denmark  |  Deto Da Silva – Germany/Brazil  |  Lilly Cornehl – Germany  |  Daz Mac – UK  |  Roy Gayle – UK  |  Tom Hoel - Denmark  |  Charles Longdon-Hughes – UK