Master's Swim Camp

Learn new skills and reinforce old ones. Our team of top coaches will teach you to understand the importance of good body balance, relaxed breathing and efficient technique to improve your overall swimming.  We will focus on your individual needs to help you really improve your stroke and achieve your personal goals.


During the week, you will receive full instruction and refinement for:
   -  Freestyle
   -  Breaststroke
   -  Backstroke
   -  Butterfly
   -  Training skills for Open Water Swimming 
   -  Timesaving starts and turns
   -  Dryland Training and Strength & Conditioning

The course will improve your swim fitness by using different muscle groups with the introduction and variation in workouts, including swimming fast and swimming easy.

We will cater for all abilities, but we must emphasise this is not ‘A learn to Swim Training Camp’. You must be able to swim at least 200m in at least two of the above strokes, one of which must be Front Crawl.

Example Program


09.00            Welcome meeting 
10.00            Swim session
15.00            Swim session
18.30            Welcome meeting Late Arrivals


10.00            Swim session
14.00            Swim session


10.00            Swim session
15.00            Swim session

10.00            Swim session 
12.30            Land Training
18.30            Lecture

08.00           Open water swim
10.00           Swim session
15.00           Swim session   

10.00           Swim session
15.00           Swim session
19.30           Dinner

10.00          Swim session

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