Padel Camp with World Enjoyer

Club La Santa and World Enjoyer are happy to welcome you to this Padel camp. We are passionate about inspiring all participants, and you will experience personalized and quality training. We cant wait to see you!



The programme will cover all aspects of player development, including technique, tactics, movement and physical training. We are aware of our responsibility, and we give our best because we understand the motivation of wanting to improve in sport and life.
You will receive high-quality coaching from our experienced international team of instructors. 

The camp caters for all padel levels and offers a relaxed atmosphere with players and coaches working and socializing together. We divide you into groups so that you will be training with people on your own level. 

The camp will start with an evaluation and analysis of which areas to improve and which are your strong points. We will help you develop your skills and teach you to become a better padel player, improve your tactical skills with new variations to avoid a predictable game, and increase strategies.

Apart from that, there will also be some talks/lectures about different subjects, improving your game.

We promise that you will improve throughout the week and have lots of great memories to take home as well. 

We have space for a max of 24 participants, so make sure you book your space before it's too late!

Example programme


16.00-16.30   Short welcome
17.00-19.00   Group 1: Test, Basics & Main
19.00-21.00   Group 2: Test, Basics & Main

09.00-11.00   Group 1: Improve your defense
11.00-13.00   Group 2: Improve your defense
15.00              Talk: Video Analysis Technique
16.00-18.00   Group 1: Attack skills
18.00-20.00   Group 2: Attack skills

08.00-10.00   Group 2: Strategy
10.00-12.00   Group 1: Strategy
15.00-17.00   Group 2: Balance & Foot work
17.00-19.00   Group 1: Balance & Foot work 
19.00              Talk: Prevent injuries

09.00-11.00   Group 1: Transitions
11.00-13.00   Group 2: Transitions
15.00-17.00   Group 1: Conditional Game
17.00-19.00   Group 2: Conditional Game
19.00              Talk: Physical Preparation

09.00-11.00   Group 2: Accuracy 
11.00-13.00   Group 1: Accuracy
15.00              Talk: Video Analysis Tactic
16.00-18.00   Group 2: Beat the coaches!
18.00-20.00   Group 1: Beat the coaches!

09.00-11.00   Group 1: Tournament
11.00-13.00   Group 2: Tournament
15.00              Closing ceremony w/ prizes
19:30              Dinner 

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