Pilates Week w/ Emma Gibbins

Emma will take you on a journey into the world of Pilates. This event is for both beginners and more experienced in Pilates. 


The week offers 2-3 sessions per day, including themed classes in Mat Pilates and Pilates Reformer plus bonus sessions in Aerial and SUP Pilates. Lessons are suitable for beginners and intermediate levels, with options, modifications and progressions to suit everyone.
There will be a big focus on alignment, breathing, concentration, control, precision and flow to bring your mind and body together as one. Your entire body will be stronger and more flexible with improved muscular balance and power at the end of the week. You will leave feeling more focused and ready to take on the world!

Example Programme

16.00-17.00   Welcome Pilates
17.15-18.30   Welcome Reformer

10.00-11.15   Reformer – Legs & Glutes
11.30-12.30   Pilates – Balls & Rollers

10.00-11.15   Reformer – Upper Body Blast
11.30-12.30   Posture Pilates
16.00-17.00   SUP Pilates

16.00-17.00   Trigger Point Pilates
17.15-18.30   Reformer – Full Body Flow

09.30-10.45   Reformer Core
11.00-12.00   Pilates Mobility

14.30-15.30   Pilates Flow
15.45-16.45   Reformer Stretch
17.00-18.00   Aerial Pilates

09.30-10.45   Reformer Favourites
11.00-12.00   Pilates Mat Favourites

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