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Triliving Volcano Triathlon Training Camp

21st April - 1st May 2016, with Richard Hobson
There will be plenty of opportunity to train, but every session will have reasons behind its madness. Technical aspects: Throughout the whole course an emphasis will be placed on technique and skills. This will be backed up by individual assessment and video work.

Training Team


The team will consist of coaches and support staff that will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the course. Not only will they be top coaches, world class support staff members, they will be people who have reached the very highest accolades of sporting achievement themselves, but mostly have the right Tri Living attitude to realize everyone’s potential and being able to draw it out in a way that leaves you motivated, inspired and achieving things that you never thought possible.

Camp Registration and travel


Pre-registration is required as places are limited. The price is 200 pounds including all activities in the programme. Once your registration form has been received you will be contacted directly regarding payment for the camp. Additionally you will have to book and pay for your travel arrangements (accommodation, flight, airport transfers, etc.) via Club La Santa's UK Sales Office

You can also arrange to rent a Cannondale bike via the sales office, for the price of 98€ per week or 25€ per day (min. 3 consecutive days). The camp is restricted to guests staying at Club La Santa during the event.


Training and Lectures

We will hold lectures covering all aspects of triathlon: Training methods, techniques, and programmes; Swim Bike & Run technique; Equipment; Diet & fluid replacement plus others. It is our aim to provide each course member with as much individual feedback as possible to help establish strengths and weaknesses, heart rate zones (dependant on having own monitor) and other useful data.

Don’t forget it is a holiday! Nothing is compulsory and there will be time to enjoy all the fantastic facilities at Club La Santa. We also make it a priority to make all training as fun as possible and include a number of non triathlon activities. The Volcano Triathlon will be held on Saturday 30th of April, 2016.  



Richard Hobson

Richard Hobson, 10 years as a pro, 5 times National Champion, Olympic Coach to 2 athletes, Performance Coach for the British Triathlon Association, Head Coach Bath Triathlon Performance Centre, Age Group Coach to European and World Age Group Qualifiers. He and the rest of the coaching team knows what it takes to succeed, whether you are a beginner, an elite performer, doing it for fun, or you want to be the next Olympic Champion; the knowledge and experience to help will be there.

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