Volcano kids 2021

6th November 2021 

This is a race for the youngsters with several distances according to age. Kids from 7-13 years old will race an aquathlon starting in the lagoon and finishing at the stadium.

NEW: Swim, Bike & Run for Kids aged 14-17 years


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Course Description

Kids from 7 - 13 years 

(2012-2014) - 50m swim, 440m run

(2010-2011) - 100m swim, 450m run

(2008-2009) - 200m swim, 550m run


NEW: Kids aged 14-17 years (Swim, Bike & Run)

(2006-2007) - 300m swim, 3000m bike, 1000m run

(2004-2005) - 400m swim, 5000m bike,1400m run


Volcano Kids 7-13 years

Race day - Saturday 6th November 2021

Venue: Watersport Centre, Club La Santa

15:15-16:15: Race number collection
16:45: Meeting Point for all kids races - Watersport Centre
Race start: 17:00-18:00, Watersport Centre, Club La Santa

Finish line: Stadium, Club La Santa

Course: Map here


Kids aged 14-17 years

Race day - Saturday, 6th November 2021, Venue: Watersport Centre, Club La Santa

15:15-16:15: Race number collection

16:15: Meeting point for kids aged 14-17 years, location pending confirmation 

16:45: Meeting point for race start, location pending confirmation 

Race start: 17:00-18:00

Course: Map will be available here soon.

This race will be the Canary Island Triathlon Championships for the cadet and junior categories. 


Registration is now open!



Individual registration: 


Price until 2nd November 2021:
Individual entry fee: 5€


Registration closes: 2nd November 2021, 12:00 CET.
Payment of entry fee is by credit card or PayPal only. It is not possible to defer the slot to another year or athlete.


Withdrawal & refund policy
Withdrawals should be notified in writing to: volcano@clublasanta.com

Refund of entry fee:
75% before 06.05.2021
50% between 06.05.2021 and 06.09.2021
25% between 07.09.2021 and 07.10.2021
0% after 07.10.2021



Medals and T-shirts to all participants



You can find all the results here

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