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Get even better with analysis-based instructions

Club La Santa offers a variety of instructions for virtually every sport we offer. Group instructions are free to join and cater to various skill levels. You will find them listed in the weekly programme. If you would like one on one coaching to improve in your chosen sport, or to gain more confidence, you can purchase extra personal instructions in Sports Booking.

We also offer in depth analysis-based instructions and services, which are more in-depth than our regular instructions. More information about these can be found below.

Swim Video analysis

Club La Santa Swim Video Analysis is the process by which our coaches review footage of swimmers to help improve their performance/ technique. We offer 1-1 sessions in front crawl, aimed at pool swimmers, open water swimmers and triathletes. This video analysis focuses on developing and refining your front crawl technique using different drills. The session will cover body rotation, breathing, strokes and more, and give you inspiration on how to train on your own.

The sessions last 60 minutes and the price is 99 euro. This includes:

  • Initial introduction and warm-up in the water.
  • Video filming.
  • 4 video positions will be used to evaluate your stroke imperfections and swim mechanics. After video review it will possible to advise specific drills and technique changes. The filming is from different directions; Above Water, Left side below water, Right side below water, Front view below water.
  • At the computer in the aquatic office, we do a video analysis of your personal swim video.
  • You will get a USB that includes a copy off the videos, the focus and exercises to help improvement.
  • If interested, we offer a 25 min following up meeting after 48 hours for 25 euro