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Swingtime Aerobics, Fitness and Dance Convention

Por favor, tenga en cuenta que el evento se impartirá en inglés.

2nd - 9th September 2016
An international team of professional instructors is waiting to give you the ultimate fitness experience! An Aerobics, Fitness and Dance Convention bursting with energy, professionalism, power, social activities and plenty of sunshine. The week is suitable for EVERYONE: instructors looking for lots of inspiration and participants ”simply” looking to enjoy the ultimate workout.

Professional instructors will guide you through the many and varied classes, no matter whether your favourite is aerobics, dance or fitness. Instructor or not, the broad spectrum of classes ensures there’s something for you!

The convention is restricted to guests staying at Club La Santa during the event. Book today to guarantee a place on the best, action-packed aerobic event of the year!

Individual classes and day passes can be bought at Club La Santa, but we do advise you to pre-book:
· 8 days: 150 €
· 7 days: 140 €
· 6 days: 130 €
· 4-5 days: 120 €
· Per day pass: 50 €
· Per class: 20 €

You can book and pay for your accommodation and travel arrangements online today or with your nearest Club La Santa office/ agency. Club La Santa reserves the right to cancel or change the event if under subscribed.


On offer daily:

  • 3-4 step classes on different levels
  • 3-4 dance classes (hip hop, street dance, Ballroom Fitness™, Latin, etc.)
  • 2-3 aerobics classes (both with and without choreography)
  • 2-3 body-mind classes (pilates, yoga, etc)
  • 2 strength-power classes (body toning, kick boxing, etc)

And those who still have the energy can party on through the evenings and nights at special dance events, karaoke bar, beach barbecues, etc.

Elisabeth Dalsgaard and Team

The professional team is lead by Elisabeth Dalsgaard.

Organiser and presenter. Elisabeth has been a professional instructor since 1995 and is in high demand throughout Europe as a respected presenter and instructor. She has her own firm, Swingtime ApS, which runs four dance schools among other things. She has organised events for Club La Santa since 2004. She has developed several concept classes. Most recently, Ballroom Fitness, which combines ballroom dancing with aerobics.

Jo Parry · England

Jo Parry teaches in both June and September. Jo Parry graduated in Sports and Health from University. She has taught for more than 15 years and is a much sought-after presenter. She has taught at almost every convention in England and also at several large European conventions. Jo’s repertoire covers a wide range. She is a true champion on the step bench, but is also loved for her dance, zumba and yoga classes.

Pawel Oracz · Poland

Pawel teaches in September. Pawel is a very skilled and respected presenter, who lives in Poland. From 2007 to 2013 he was affiliated to IFAA Poland as a presenter and concept developer, and since 2012 he has also been affiliated to IFAA Germany. He started aerobics in 2003, in the city of Krakow, where he studied Sports Science at the University. He has taught in more than 17 different countries and is currently one of Europe's most sought-after presenters. He specializes in step aerobics and dance aerobics and always teaches with a unique flow and energy that draws everybody in.

Toniah Pedersen · Denmark

Toniah teaches in September.  Among other achievements Toniah is also known for her involvement as judge and choreographer in the programmes 'Pop stars' and 'So You Think You Can Dance'. She teaches all over Europe, including regular sessions at Pineapple studio in London. Toniah challenges her students with creative and cool choreography. She is used as a dancer and choreographer for a wide variety of stars including Mary J Blige, Will Smith, D'Angelo, Emma Bunton, etc.

Steve Watson · England

Steve teaches in both June and September. Steve is co-director of Chrysalis Promotions and has been involved in the fitness industry for more than 23 years. After being awarded the "Puma New Presenter, 1998", he has achieved various other distinctions and even more international acclaim. Steve's energy, enthusiasm, motivation and teaching technique ensure that his classes can be customised to suit individual needs. You feel safe in Steve's hands and he manages to get everyone involved in his classes. He is one of Britain's most sought-after presenters. Read more on

Sava Assenov · Bulgaria

Sava teaches in June. Sava is former Euopean master of Acrobatics and Bulgarian Champion of Aerobics. Sava currently lives in Munich but the whole world is his workplace. He is widely used and respected as a presenter at many large conventions. He is particularly known for his "jazz-inspired" dance classes but his step classes, Pilates and yoga classes are also legendary. He always teaches with his characteristically calm and infectious humour and knows exactly how to create optimal power and energy in every class. Read more on

Balázs Füzessy · Hungary

Balazs teaches in June. Hungarian Balazs is without doubt one of today’s biggest names within aerobics. He teaches all over the world and in short time has become every director’s inspirator and motivator. He teaches with a flow and energy that has rarely been seen before. He gives himself 100% and always has plenty of new choreography up his sleeve. He is a champion at step and dance aerobics but is also a body/mind expert too. Read more on


Emilio Franceschini · Italy

Emilio teaches at aerobics week in September. He has been a trainer and instructor for more than 15 years and is a certified instructor of FIF (The Italian Fitness Federation). He has a background as a professional kick-boxer and is also a former ballet dancer. This combination gives him an exceptional and unique position in the fitness industry. He manages to combine power with grace - all with a flow and built up from start to finish. Emilio is Italian but has spent the last year in Munich and Frankfurt teaching at Fitness First. Emilio teaches in a challenging but logical way- both symmetrically and asymmetrically choreography and steps ... with humour and lots of rhythm...

Marvin Burton · England

Marvin teaches in September. Marvin has worked in the fitness industry since 2000, when he started by studying and working in the USA. Today he travels everywhere and has the whole world as his workplace. In 2013, Marvin launched his own training programme throughout Asia, which covers 8 countries, and over 3,000 personal trainers have been trained in his current methods and programmes. Marvin is known as a unique Master Trainer in Europe and Asia in TRX, VIPR, kettlebells, weight lifting, Sports Conditioning, Pilates, cycling and several of his own numerous unique innovations. We are proud to have Marvin as part of our 2015 Swingtime Team, where he will present various Fitness and conditioning classes at our events.

Kelly Reed-Banks · UK

Kelly comes from a professional Performing Arts back ground, with also 19 years’ experience in the fitness industry in the UK & Australia. In 2005 she won the YMCA/ACTION UK New Presenter of the year, since then she has been making her name on the presenting circuit teaching at all the major fitness conventions over the UK & abroad.

She holds a teaching degree from Cambridge University and has worked as a fitness tutor and assessor for the last 8 years.

She is also the business development manager & head tutor for Choreography To Go delivering Fitness Pilates & level 3 Pilates training all over the UK. 

Kelly runs her own community fitness business as well as being a franchisee for Kick Start Fat Loss. 

Anastasia Alexandridi

Anastasia grew up in Greece and now lives in Germany. She Studied at High College Jazz Dance New York, and she is well known for her unique powerful teaching style, charisma, passion, methodology and stunning choreography. She has appeared numerous times on Greek TV and choreographed for famous singers and actors in Greece. She was The best International Presenter 2016, and has presented all over the world. 



This event has to be booked before you go to Club La Santa. In case of booking at Club La Santa 4 days or more, there will be an extra fee added to the price of 15 €.

If travelling from Denmark, the fee will have to be paid together your travel arrangements. If travelling from the UK, Germany or rest of Europe please transfer your participation fee to:
Nykredit Bank Iban: DK4581170003018800

Please write you name in the transfer.

Additionally you will have to book and pay your travel arrangements (accommodation, flight, airport transfers, etc.) with your nearest Club La Santa office/ agency. Club La Santa reserves the right to make changes to the

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