Bike Weeks with Torben Hjort & Jan Bo Petersen

Por favor, tenga en cuenta que el evento se impartirá en danés. Sin embargo, habrá guias hablando inglés durante el tour. 

This bike week will offer many challenges and unforgettable experiences in the saddle. We cater for both men and women who are regular cyclists, including those training for one of the many bike races throughout Europe.




The routes will vary both in length and difficulty, taking you to the far south, through the fascinating Fire Mountains and up to the north. You will have the opportunity to challenge yourself with steep climbs, covering a variety of terrain and facing strong winds in the warm climate. We will be riding between 50km and 100km per day, equivalent to 2.5-5 hours - over the course of the week you will cover around 350km. On the long rides, there will be catering in the form of fruit, sandwiches, water and soft drinks.

Provisional Program

17.00 Welcome and registration

10.00 Departure of the day’s ride: 60km
17.00 Talk (Danish) Tips setting up the bike

10.00 Departure of the day’s ride: 70-85km

10.00 Departure of the day’s ride: 60km
17.00 Training advice (Danish) - Diet -
Stretching exercises - technical exercises etc.

Recovery day 

10.00 Departure of the day’s ride: 55km

10.00 Departure of the day’s ride: 100km
19.30 Farewell dinner

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