International Bike Weeks

Por favor, tenga en cuenta que el evento se impartirá en inglés. 

Once again Club La Santa has the pleasure of hosting the popular International Bike Weeks lead by well known international cyclists. The island’s amazing landscape offers a variety of terrain with some fantastic mountain climbs that makes Lanzarote an ideal place to train.



The weeks cater for all abilities from novice to the serious racing club cyclist. Ideally, to get the most out of your bike weeks, you should be able to cycle 2 to 4 hours daily. The routes will vary both in length and difficulty, taking you to the far south, through the fascinating Fire Mountains and up to the north with the view over the island La Graciosa. We will divide you into groups, which will go at different speeds (from 21 km/h to 30+ km/h) and levels, so that there will be a suitable group for everybody.


The slowest group will go 21 to 23 km/h. All the groups will be lead by a host and a guide. During the long rides there will be stops allowing you to have a sandwich and refreshments. Before the daily rides there will be advice and guidance given on how to set up your bike correctly and you are welcome to ask the hosts for advice regarding biking in groups, hills/mountains and how to take corners. It is not unusual for the participants to cover about 500-600 km throughout the week! The program also contains other activities; we will have different social arrangements with the hosts and a pool tournament on one of the evenings. Every week ends with a dinner in one of our restaurants, where different prizes are handed out.

FYI: In the first week of the camp, we can’t have a bike ride Saturday the 6th November due to Club La Santa Volcano Triathlon taking place on the same day. The second week is normal program.

Example Programme


09.30  Departure of the day’s ride with the
           Club La Santa Hosts
16.00  Welcome meeting and registration
21.00  Pool Tournament in the Green Bar

09.00  Bike introduction/Group riding skills
09.30  Briefing: El Golfo (70 km)
16:00  Circuit Training on the Beach


09.30  Briefing: Los Valles - Garbage Mountain
            (60-80 km)
14.00  Water Sports Challenge

09.30  Briefing: Mirador del Rio - Orzola
           (100-130 km)
21.00  Green Team Show

09.30  Briefing: Famara - San Bartolomé
           (50 km)
13.00  Team Aguathon (Swim-Bike)

09.30  Briefing: El Mojon (80-100 km)
19.30  Dinner

09.30 Briefing: Puerto Calero (60-70 km)
          - Coffee stop in Puerto Calero

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