Learn to Breathe with Lotte Paarup

Por favor, tenga en cuenta que el evento se impartirá en inglés

Learn how to optimize your breathing with breathing expert, Lotte Paarup. Lotte has put together an exciting week where you will be working with your breathing. At the end of the week you should be filled up with energy and a sense of calm in your body. 


Lotte works with natural breathing, and she has a reputation for speaking to everyone, and conveying her messages in an inspiring, but down-to-earth way. 

The event is for everybody, regardless of any experience. What you will learn on this event, can end up being one of the best personal gifts, which you can use for the rest of your life both privately and at work. You will also get a lot out of the event if you are a therapist or instructor yourself. 

You will learn MUCH more about your breathing and you get tools that you can use later in life in all kinds of situations. You are guaranteed a week that will treat your body and mind in perfect surrounding on Lanzarote. Remember to bring warm clothes, as it can be a bit chilly in the early mornings.

The teaching takes place primarily outdoors, but a few hours can take place indoors.

Example Programme


09.00-12.00   Welcome followed by a
                        lecture about breathing
16.00-18.00   Experience your breathing 

09.00-10.15   Breathing and meditation by
                        the ocean
15.30-17.00   Give space for your breathing
19.00              Dinner (Not included)

09.00-10.00   Breathe in warm water
                        in the Wellness Center
16.00-17.30   Breathing and Movement

09.30-10.45   Aerial breathing
11.15-12.15   Relaxation and deep calm  
                        with your breathing

08.30-09.30   Short morning walk with
11.00-12.15   Work even deeper with your
                        breathing by the water
17.00-18.00   Aerial breathing

09.30-10.00   Q&A + Group photo
10.00-11.15   Breathing as a baby
16.00-17.00   Keep going when you return
                        to home!

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