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Trail Camp at Club La Santa

Por favor, tenga en cuenta que el evento se impartirá en inglés

15th -  22nd January 2016
Embark on a unique and challenging running experience at Club La Santa and Lanzarote. The people behind the successful Salomon trail tour and Club La Santa has made a more fun, healthier and tougher running week with nature in focus and the harsh, rough and fascinating nature of Lanzarote as bases and background.



Throughout the week there will be opportunity to test and experience the latest equipment, talk with other passionate trail runners, get tips on training and technique - and not least; get your heart rate up and smile when you fight your way through the surprisingly varied landscape of Lanzarote. The trailcamp is for the you who want a fun and different running experience and you dont have to a world champion to participate!The week is both for the experienced trail runner who want to prepare for this year's competitions, and for the less experienced runner who seeks new challenges. Running on forest trails, gravel roads and'singletrails' is far healthier and more fun than running on hard asphalt.

You will be inspired by nature, experience a far greater presence and your muscles and tendons work more varied. In short: Trailrunners smile much more!

When we dont run, you can enjoy more than 30 free sports facilities, good weather, free lectures / workshops and the good atmosphere at Club La Santa. 

The routes will vary in length each day to offer different levels of difficulty. You will have many hours in the saddle with a relatively low intensity, but there will also be time for other activities. During the week, there will be seminars/talks on how to continue your training when you return home and other subjects such as nutrition. Besides that, we will have other social activities and at the end of each week, we will have a celebratory dinner. During the long rides there will be stops for sandwiches and refreshments where you can take in the beautiful views. If numbers dictate, the programme will be amended to offer shorter rides than those advertised, but will still cover the same areas and terrain.



Book your place now!

The camp price is 95€, including all the activities during the Trail camp and a Salomon tracksuit top. You can book this camp directly with the Danish Sales office, by emailing

Places are limited, early booking is advisable to avoid disappointment. Please note that the camp is restricted to guests staying at Club La Santa.

From time to time, there are not enough participants in an event to ensure that everyone can enjoy a good experience, in which case we reserve the right to cancel. This happens rarely and should this occur you would be refunded the full amount.

Welcome to Club La Santa and guided tour.
Jog with the Trail Tour team.

Intro run jogging from Club La Santa, west past La Santa village up a volcano crater on the coast and back. 
Learn which shoes are suitable for you. Salomon offer several different models you can try.
Guest Workshop

Run approx 9km, starts by the water and continues along a small, technically challenging track in a ravine up to the top of Peñas del Chache (670 m asl) with stunning coastal views along the way, before returning.
Product/ training info

Lava race. We bike 10km to Mancha Blanca before continuing by foot through lava fields to the crater of Caldera Blanca, where we run around the rim. Distance 10-15km plus cycling.
Guest Workshop

Optional: Run the secret smuggling route! A tough trip where you dont want to put a step wrong, approx. 14 km.

Run, pprox. 14.5km. We start at Famara beach and continue up past the Ermita de las Nieves ("Snowchurch") to Peñas del Chache (the island's highest point), before returning back to Famara.
Social dinner (not included in the price)

Run, 7-14km. We start in the small mountain village of Femés, heading past the volcano Altalaya the Femés along high-altitude mountain hiking trails. In good weather you will have panoramic views.
Social Evening