Climb aboard one of the most sophisticated tourist submarines in the world. Dive to a depth of 30 metres and discover the fascinating world beneath the ocean's surface.

This spacious submarine with 44 seats is air-conditioned and maintained under normal atmospheric conditions for your comfort and safety. It has 22 large windows so everyone can look out and see how life underwater unfolds, as well as see the eerie shipwreck lying on the seabed. A guide will be on board to tell you about the different things you can see, and there is also a TV screen on which there will be interesting information, including depth and sea temperature. The submarine will sit still on the seabed during the trip, providing a great opportunity to take photos with our pilots in the cockpit. After the trip you will receive your own personal diving certificate.

A unique and unforgettable underwater experience for the whole family!

subnarine excursion


There will be a bus that will pick you up from the Biosfera Shopping Center at 11:15, to take you to Puerto Calero from where the submarine departs. You will be back at Biosfera again around 13:45.

The shopping excursion departs at 09:15 and you will be back at Club La Santa around 15:45. The bus that goes to Puerto Calero for the submarine tour leaves the Biosfera Shopping Center at 11:15. You'll be back around 13:45, giving you an hour and a half before and after to shop.

Return transfer from Biosfera Shopping Centre to Puerto Calero, one hour dive with the submarine.

The price of this excursion is: 59 € for adults and 39 € for children. For safety reasons, children under 2 years old are not allowed on this tour.
In addition to the price of the submarine, you will also have to pay for the shopping tour, but instead of paying the normal 20 €, you will only have to pay 12 € for the bus
The total cost for adults is therefore €71 and €51 for children.

If you have any questions or would like some more information, please contact:

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