It is an important part of Club La Santa that we have a positive impact on the society and environment we are part of. Travel and tourism affect our climate and environment, and that's why we want to take responsibility. We want to make Club La Santa greener and contribute to a more sustainable form of tourism that has the least possible impact on the environment and climate.

Working with sustainability is a continuous process, where we are constantly striving to implement more initiatives, to become even better and even greener. Our work unfolds in particular through these four focus areas:

  • Green energy
  • Responsible consumption
  • Protecting the environment
  • Collaborations


Club La Santa has an official “A” Energy Performance Certificate and has some of the best
technology to achieve long-term energy savings. Follow our technical director around the
impressive installations to learn more about how we work with sustainability.

Cykelferie og MTB-ferie på Club La Santa, Lanzarote


Our aim is to constantly improve the efficiency of our energy consumption and make it even greener.
Fortunately, Lanzarote has some of the best conditions for green, renewable energy.
We have invested in the best technology to utilise the island's many natural resources.



On the roofs of the south side of Club La Santa, we have installed over 400 solar-thermal panels to provide hot water and to heat the 50 metre swimming pools. On the north side, we have installed more than 425 solar-thermal panels to heat the 50-metre pool in the north and additional 625 photovoltaic panels to generate electricity which is used to cover part of our electricity demand.

The whole system has an approximate renewable energy production of 1060 MWh per year, equivalent to the consumption of more than 235 households. This system takes up an area of more than 2,960 m2.

At night and during periods when the pools are not in use, we use thermal covers to avoid temperature losses.

Cykelferie og MTB-ferie på Club La Santa, Lanzarote



Club La Santa has one of the largest geothermal heat pump installations in Spain. The installation allows us to extract the stable temperature of the underground of Lanzarote to optimise the generation of heat or cold generated by our heat pumps.

The heat pumps can generate a heating capacity of up to 3275 kWp and a cooling capacity of 2800 kWp.

The heat from this renewable energy source is used to heat the two 50 metre swimming pools in the south or for the hotel's hot water. The cold it generates is used to air-condition the suites and part of our facilities.

Cykelferie og MTB-ferie på Club La Santa, Lanzarote
Cykelferie og MTB-ferie på Club La Santa, Lanzarote
Cykelferie og MTB-ferie på Club La Santa, Lanzarote


At Club La Santa, we want to become even better at utilising the resources at our disposal. That's why we focus on recycling and reducing our consumption in key areas.


LIGHTING To reduce our energy consumption, over 90% of new lamps at Club La Santa are LED lamps. In addition, a system ensures that lights in all outdoor green areas are only switched on during certain periods of the day.


WATER The water used to clean the swimming pool filters, after being filtered and treated, is reused in the toilets and urinals throughout the hotel. In addition, the hotel's wastewater is sent to the local wastewater treatment plant, from where the treated water is returned and reused to irrigate the green areas of La Santa Village.


WASTE Club La Santa's waste is mainly separated into general waste, organic waste, glass, metal, plastic, paper, and cardboard. It is also possible for our guests to sort plastic, paper, and residual waste. The waste is stored in their specific containers and sent to the appropriate waste treatment plants.



Club La Santa is built with respect and admiration for the surrounding nature and environment. It is important for us to protect our surroundings and give them the best conditions to thrive.

Every week, we organise Green Walks where we collect waste around the resort and lagoon together with our guests. In addition, we publish environmental guides in connection with our different races, with guidelines and recommendations on how to protect of the unique habitats and natural resources of the island.


We achieve the most by collaborating with others. That's why Club La Santa is part of both local and international organisations that work together for a more sustainable future.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Tourist Federation of Lanzarote

Hotel association in Lanzarote

Canary Islands Confederation of Businesses

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