About Club La Santa

Club La Santa started as a dream to create the world's best paradise for active people. Most sports are included in the price so that you can enjoy the facilities, group classes and entertainment for free. Everyone is welcome at Club La Santa, regardless of level or ambition. With so many activities on offer, it is a unique experience that you and your family will never forget.


Friendship and harmony between like-minded active people make Club La Santa an inspiring place to be. The combination of excellent facilities and professional training and instruction allows you to try something new or improve your skills in your favourite sport. Equipment is free to borrow, and our Green Team runs an extensive weekly programme with a wide variety of sport and activities.


You do not need to be an expert to join in - it's the taking part that counts. Club La Santa is a place to play and have fun for most people, even though you may often rub shoulders with world champions or professionals.


Many athletes from different countries choose to have their training camps at Club La Santa due to the variety of excellent sports facilities and the year-round near-perfect climate.


We want to provide the best active holiday experience in the world, built around sport, a healthy and active lifestyle and social activities.


Club La Santa is located northwest of Lanzarote. Lanzarote is located 130 km from the coast of Africa, and it is one of the Canary Islands. It's a small island with clear water, sun and warmth all year round. Lanzarote's spiritual and cultural father, the architect César Manrique, took the initiative many years ago to preserve Lanzarote's unique character. The result is that although Lanzarote is a relatively small island that survives mainly on tourism, it remains unspoilt and natural. Around 290 years ago, a thunderous eruption sent out rivers of lava which covered much of the island. In "Montanas del Fuego" (the Fire Mountains), you can still see today how it must have looked just as the lava solidified. A wild and rugged landscape that at first glance is black but slowly takes on other colours, including yellow, red and green, depending on the metals and minerals hiding in the ground.

There is still life in the flames beneath your feet. Cinders that can be dug up just a few centimetres below the surface are still too hot to touch. Despite Lanzarote's rugged nature, Lanzarote's farmers have learnt how to get the best out of the black volcanic ash, growing onions, potatoes, tomatoes, melons, grapefruit and the best grapes.


In Lanzarote, you can enjoy both the larger towns such as Arrecife and Puerto del Carmen with their many commercial and shopping opportunities and many small villages and fishing hamlets with delicious local tapas and fresh fish.

Club La Santa's History


The foundation of Club La Santa was laid in 1968, when the Spanish savings bank La Caja built a resort town on the northeast side of Lanzarote, near the village of La Santa. An apartment complex with 400 units was to be rented as tourist apartments, but the project collapsed before completion due to the oil crisis.

For ten years, the resort was desolate and decayed due to lack of maintenance.

The owner of Tjæreborg Travel, Ejlif Krogager, also known as the Tjæreborg priest, became aware of the decaying holiday resort, and he immediately saw the possibilities. Krogager wanted to create something new, something that the world had not seen before. When the European travel industry mainly focused on beach and nightlife holidays, he wanted to create a resort where sports enthusiasts and active people could combine a holiday with exercise and sport.

After quick negotiations with La Caja, the resort was taken over by Tjæreborg Travel in 1978, and in June 1983, "La Santa Sport", as it was first named, was ready for opening.

The early years

The early years were hard. The Danes were not adequately prepared to replace lazy holidays with unfamiliar active holidays. The losses were significant and burdensome for the Tjæreborg Group's total profit. Still, Ejlif Krogager was steadfast in his belief in the project and predicted: "Club La Santa is a goldmine. It is only a question of when we can dig up the gold!"

In 1989, when Krogager sold Prudhoe Travel to Spies Travel, Club La Santa was not part of the deal, and so the ownership of Club La Santa remained in the Krogager family's hands.

With Leif Rasmussen as CEO, new management was introduced in the early 90s, and after a few years of rationalization and restructuring, the resort's financial balance finally improved. 1995 was the turning point which marked the first year of profit.

Eilif Krogager died in 1992 and never got to see his gold from Club La Santa.

Club La Santa today

Since 1995, Club La Santa has made a profit every year, and visitors now come from worldwide. Half of the guests are Danish, 30% British, and about 10% are German.

In 2012, We took the first steps towards a significant modernization and expansion of Club La Santa. In April 2014, a range of new facilities and 96 new suites were opened, extending the occupational capacity from 1,250 guests to 1,600 guests. Read more about the new Club La Santa here.

At the time of opening in 2014, Executive Director Frederik Sohns stated:

"Club La Santa's guests are a mix of very different people. There are guests of all ages, from the young at sports school to seniors, with different objectives. There are athletes, serious exercisers, ordinary families and singles, but do not be surprised if you encounter a world champion or celebrity in the restaurant or bar; they just naturally fit into the picture here".

Frederik Sohns continues:" There is a unique spirit and atmosphere at Club La Santa. Apart from the facilities and activities themselves, guests interact and socialize naturally and inspire each other, making new friends and feeling the contagious passion for life that radiates from both guests and staff. Once you have experienced what a stay with us means for your health, your confidence, and yes - with your satisfaction with life as a whole, you can't wait to come back. And the children think that everything is so cool!"

" Our guests are very loyal and have been here 7 times on average. You do not see that with many destinations in the world, and it shows that we are doing something right," concludes Frederik Sohns.


Club La Santa is owned by registered company A/S of 3 June 1986, wholly owned by the Krogager Foundation, formerly called the Foundation of 29 December 1967. The foundation is administered by Ejlif Krogager's descendants, with grandson Rune Knude as Chairman.


aerial view of the new suites at club la santa

So how did we do it?

See the new Club La Santa being built in 2 minutes!

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SICTED, Commitment to Tourism Quality

It is a project with a unique and universal model to control quality management in any tourist destination

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Groups we are part of



Restaurants Against Hunger
Through solidarity dishes served in La Plaza, Club La Santa has raised money to combat child malnutrition and support the “Restaurants against hunger” campaign.

Doctors Without Borders
Collection box in the supermarket

Disgrup: people with reduced mobility
Solidarity pens on sale at Reception

Manos Unidas
A charity raffle in which we offer a voucher for two nights’ accommodation at Club La Santa

AFA LF (Association for families of sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura)
A charity raffle in which we offer a voucher for one night’s accommodation at Club La Santa.


Biosphere Smart Hotel Certification
2020 - Awarded the Instituto Turismo Responsable

Distinguished Tourism Awards (Company category)
2019 – Awarded by Cabildo de Lanzarote and Turismo Lanzarote on World Turism Day

CaixaBank Award for Innovation and Modernisation of Tourist Companies in the Canary Islands
2018 – The award recognises, among other things, the level of innovation and modernisation achieved in the development of the Sports Booking app.

V Awards Panel for Sports Management in the Canary Islands, Acagede V Awards
2011 – Award to private sports management companies considering their extraordinary accomplishments in sports management.

Distinguished Tourism Award in the Events category

2009 – IRONMAN Lanzarote – With this achievement, the race organisation has been recognised for their extraordinary work favouring the islands’ tourism sector.

Special mention at the XII Gala del Deporte
2006 – IRONMAN Lanzarote organisation

Premio Promoción del Deporte
2002 – II Lanzarote Sports Gala – in recognition of the Sports Development Award

Distinguidos de Turismo Award
Exmo. Cabildo de Lanzarote
1995 - IRONMAN Lanzarote – in recognition of its contribution to the island’s tourist development.

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