Activity holidays for singles

Singles holidays for solo travellers is a trend that is growing everywhere - even at Club La Santa. 


Club La Santa is an active holiday paradise, with sport and exercise, wellness, health, and many social activities, set in a pleasantly warm year-round climate.


For those travelling alone, this means that meeting other people is both inevitable and perfectly natural. You can participate in various team activities and social tournaments throughout the week, allowing you to meet lots of other guests.

  • Meet new people through sport, exercise and social activities
  • Activity holidays for singles at Club La Santa have nothing to do with dating - but it has been known to happen!
  • The option to share an apartment with another single traveller and save money
  • Take part in our themed events and pursue your interests all week with like-minded people.
aerial view of the new suites at club la santa

The best setting for an active holiday


A holiday at Club La Santa is something quite special.


Our guests tell us that it brings out the best in them. It improves confidence, energy, wellness and brings a great deal of happiness.


Maybe that's why they keep coming back. To revive the feeling of feeling your best… because it is the best…

How to book


If you are planning to travel alone, you can reserve what we call a half apartment.


You will be assigned into a Comfort 1 apartment with a person of the same gender who has also booked this modality and you will only pay half the price.


If you are interested, please email our Reservations Team at


Try an active holiday at Club La Santa.

Arrive on any day of the week

You can also meet new people through theme weeks.

You can participate in one of our event weeks. With a group of like-minded people, you can pursue your particular interest, be it cycling, training for Ironman, aerobics, dancing or yoga.

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