Lanzarotes Weather & Climate

Lanzarote has a warm climate all year round, and the average temperature only fluctuates about 8°C between summer and winter.

Summers are warm and sunny, with temperatures generally between 25-30°C. Even though winters are very mild, sunshine is not quite guaranteed, but the temperature is usually between 17 and 22°C.

The Canary Islands are often called the "Islands of Eternal Spring", boasting pleasant and stable weather for most of the year. It's the perfect climate for exercising in the great outdoors among stunning scenery, whenever you want.

The weather at Club La Santa Lanzarote

Due to the resort's location on the Atlantic coast, temperatures are usually slightly lower at Club La Santa in relation to the main tourist resorts of Lanzarote, which is great news for lovers of sport and exercise.

During some periods of the year, the mornings can be cloudy, although this usually clears up in the afternoon, so you can finish the day sunbathing by the pool.



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