History of Club La Santa

The foundations of Club La Santa were first laid back in 1968 when the Spanish savings bank “La Caja” built a resort town on the northeast of the island, near the fishing village of La Santa. A tourist complex of nearly 400 apartments was constructed, although it did not see completion due the oil crisis. For the following ten years, the resort was abandoned and fell into disrepair.

The owner of Tjaerborg Travel, Ejlif Krogager, also known as “Tjaerborg Priest”, discovered the resort and saw a unique opportunity before him. In an era when Danish travel consisted of mainly deckchairs and barbecues, he visualized a future where sports enthusiasts and active people could combine their passion with holidays in the sun.

Some brief negotiations were followed by a transfer of ownership to Tjæreborg Travel in 1978, and in June 1983 the resort opened its doors for the first time as “La Santa Sport”.

The early years

It was going to take a while before the Danes were ready to trade their beach holidays for active vacations, and the first difficult years led to heavy losses for the Tjæreborg group’s profit sheet.

Neverthless, Ejlif Krogager stood firm in his belief “Club La Santa is a gold mine. It´s only a question of time before we find the gold!”

In 1989, Ejlif Krogager sold all of Tjæreborg Travel Spies, expect Club La Santa, which from then on remained in the hands of the Krogager family.

In the early 1990’s, Leif Rasmussen was introduced as CEO and after some reorganisation, Club La Santa finally saw its first profit in 1995.

Unfortunately, Elif Krogager had died in 1992 and never did get to see the gold from Club La Santa.


Since 1995, Club La Santa has profited year on year and today welcomes guests from all over the world. Around half of these guests are Danish, 30% are British, and approximately 10% German, the remainder being an international mixture.

CEO Frederick Sohns says:
"Club La Santa guests are a mix of very different people. We have guests of all ages, from young sports students to retired seniors, all with very different motives and desires. There are professional athletes, serious fitness freaks as well as ordinary families and singles. Don´t be surprised if you come across a world champion or celebrity in the restaurant or bar. They are just part of everyday life here in Club La Santa".

"There is a unique spirit and atmosphere enveloping Club La Santa. It’s not just the myriad of facilities and activities that draw out guests back year after year. People interact and socialize here with such ease, inspire each other, make new friends, it’s impossible to resist the buzz that’s transmitted by guests and staff alike. Once you discover the sense of well-being and inspiration that a stay at Club La Santa brings, you just want to come back for more, and of course, the kids think it’s great!”

"We have a very loyal client base and most guests have stayed with us an average of seven times. That´s quite a high ratio so we must be doing something right!”


Club La Santa is owned by registered company A / S of 3 June 1986, which is part of the Krogager Foundation, which was previously called the “29th December 1967 Foundation.” Today the Foundation is administered by Ejlif Krogager's descendants, with his grandson Rune Knude as Chairman.

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