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Club La Santa Booking App

Club La Santa offers a modern solution for booking of activities and facilities during your stay. The Club La Santa Sports Booking App is available for IOS and Android and it makes bookings easy and available at all time.

An intelligent point system ensures that all our offers are shared in a fair and easy way.

All bookings are also possible through our Sports Booking 

Read more about Sports Booking rules below:



Where can I find the weekly program?

The weekly program is available online via any device with access to the internet and also via info screens and as a limited version in printed format to be collected in Sports Booking.

1. Via info screens on the complex
Five info screens around the complex will show the program for the next 24 hours:

  • North Reception (interior)
  • Sports Booking
  • South Reception (exterior)
  • Fitness Centre
  • The Square

2. Printed version
A preview of the next three days’ program will be available in Sports Booking.

3. The Club La Santa app on smartphone or tablet. Available for iPhone and Android.

The full weekly program can be seen in the app, min. 14 days in advance during your stay.
It will be possible in the app to sort and select through the weekly program, choosing by day or by activity categories, so that your listing will be more manageable.


4. On our Club La Santa Website

The full weekly program min. 14 days ahead can be seen on our website.


How do I get access to the CLS booking app? 
The Club La Santa Sports Booking app can be downloaded for free on your smartphone or tablet via the app store or Google Play.
For the first use please register your login with your email address in Sports Booking.   If you are travelling as a family or group of friends, it is only the lead person (who has booked and paid for the accommodation) who receives a login. By sharing this login you can manage the activities for all occupants of the apartment. 

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How does the point system work?
All guests are allocated a fixed number of points no matter the duration of the stay. These points are used to book the various activities, instructions, bikes etc. and the points will be released after each booked activity is over. Points cannot be transferred to third parties. A child who travels with his/ her grandparents can therefore not take over any of their points, for example. You can only book the number of activities that your points total allows. Should you wish to book more, you may either cancel a booking or wait for your points to be restored once an activity has finished.

All activities “cost” x number of points. Activities with limited space are more expensive and activities without a maximum capacity may be absolutely free. You can book activities up to 14 days ahead, but the closer you get the cheaper it will be if there are still spaces available. Should there still be spaces available on the day, the activity will be free two hours before start time, as our main

objective is to fill our classes. The system will prevent you from booking activities with overlapping times. You have the option of joining the waiting list, which costs the same as actually booking a spot on the activity.

Via the app, you can keep an eye on what number you are on the waiting list, and should you get a place on the class you will automatically receive a notification.

We hope that the point system will encourage less overbooking of activities, but at the same time, motivate our guests to cancel bookings that they will not use, as this is the only way to get points back. Please note that 4 tennis courts are specifically reserved for advance TSO booking (2 days in advance), and which other guests can only book 1 day in advance.

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How much can I book?
You can only book an activity, if you match the requirements for age and gender. You can also only book an activity if you have no other activity booked during the same period. Generally speaking, you will not be able to book anything else in the same period as a bicycle. This is made in order to ensure that our bikes are actually out biking, and when they’re not, then they should be available for others.

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How does the bike booking work?
You have to book your bike in advance

All bikes must be booked in advance also on the same day. You can book your bike in Sports Booking or via the Club La Santa Sports Booking App. You can book your bike up till two days in advance via our booking system.


You will have to decide which time slots you want for the bike booking

Our free bikes are available for booking in three time slots during the day.

  • 9-12 (Pick up possible from 8)
  • 12-15:00 
  • 15-18:00 Winter / 15-19:00 Summer

- You have to book your bike at least before the time slot starts.
- You can combine multiple time slots for a longer bike ride
- Already booked time slots can be cancelled until before start time
- You will be restricted from booking other activities while you have booked a bike. After returning the bike you will still be restricted until end of your time    slot.
- Bikes must be returned 15 minutes before your booking time ends. If bikes are not returned in time you can be deducted points for the rest of your stay.
You have to prove your booking to the bike centre staff when picking up the bike


When you pick up your bike it is your responsibility to prove your booking

  • If you are using our Club La Santa Sportsbooking App, you can show your booking to the staff via your mobile device
  • Otherwise you will have to show a print of your reservation that you can get from the Sports Booking.

If you want a bike for several days or during your whole stay, we recommend that you rent one of our professional bikes via the Sports Booking. Rental bikes can be booked via our website before your arrival.



General Booking Rules

  • Booking can only be made in person in Sports Booking, as well as via our app from one hour after check-in in reception.
  • During your stay you can book activities for maximum of 14 days ahead.
  • When the time frame for the activity is over, you will automatically get your points back.
  • Points will be returned immediately after the cancellation of previously booked activity.
  • Cancellations later than 30 minutes before the activity is not possible
  • If a group activity or a facility is fully booked, it is possible to join the waiting list.
  • It is only possible to book one facility or activity within the same time frame.
  • It is only possible to book a facility or activity if you match the gender and age criteria.
  • It is only possible to book the same activity (class, instruction etc.) once per person in advance during a day.
  • It is only possible to book the same facility (courts, lanes etc.) in advance once per one-bed-room accommodation during a day.
  • It is only possible to book the same facility (courts, lanes etc.) in advance twice per multiple bedroom accommodation per day.
  • For multiple bedroom accommodations the second booking of the same facility on the same day, will cost more points than the first when booking in advance.
  • Due to age/ gender rules, you cannot book on behalf of another person. Slots are not transferable. It is the instructors right to refuge persons, who are not identical on the participant list, from participation in the class.
  • Bikes can be booked two days in advance in three different time slots during the day. It is possi-ble to add slots to your booking but the following slots will cost extra points. All bikes must be booked via the booking system also on the same day.
  • You must be present at least 5 minutes before the start of an instruction or group activity in order to keep the spot on the class.
  • 10-minute rule: If you arrive to a facility more than 10 minutes after your booking. It will be deemed invalid and your booking can be overtaken by another guest

Special rules for Time Share Owners

  • There are 4 tennis courts available for which Time Share Owners have a preferential advance booking option of 48 hours. Other guests will be allowed to book these courts from 24 hours in advance.
  • Time Share Owners can exclusively book bikes with time extension at no extra charge of points in advance. All bikes must be booked via the booking system also on the same day.

Special rules for groups

  • Group leaders can in advance book facilities prior to arrival via the Group Department.
  • Group leaders can enquire about activities with personal instructor for an additional fee prior to arrival via the Groups Department.
  • For the weekly events Green Team Triathlon, Green Team Duathlon and Half Marathon starting before 10am in the morning. It can be booked by group members individually the day before from 5 pm
  • All other activities and facilities can be booked by group members individually from five hours prior to start time.

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How much information will be available on the app?
All of the week’s activities will be in the app and each activity is described in detail,  including the time, venue, age limit, availability, description of activity and good advice. If you are not using the app for the booking, the same knowledge is available when booked via Sports Booking


What additional information will I get via the app?
If an activity is moving to a different venue or if there is a change in the activity information in general,anyone who has booked themselves on the activity will receive a notification of this change. The app has a section of General Information about Club la Santa, and this will be expanded on a regular basis. The front page of the app will display information on this week’s extra activities or special events.

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How much does it cost to use the app?
The app itself is free, but you will need access to Wi-Fi or mobile data use. Club la Santa is pleased to offer free Wi-Fi in all accommodation and most of its outdoor areas. Furthermore, it has been announced that the roaming tax throughout the European Union will completely disappear latest in June 2017, which was finally adopted by the EU Parliament 27. October 2015. There will then be no need to turn off the use of mobile data, wherever you are traveling within the EU.

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Will I be worse off if I choose not to use the app?
Our new points system is intended to ensure that all guests have equal opportunities to book, whether using the app or not.  However, using the app means you will be able to book activities throughout 24 hours a day, whereas if you choose to continue to use Sports Booking, you are limited to its opening hours. Outside opening hours, you can choose to use our website to log in and book activities if needed. The new system will, on the other hand, mean that the service will be faster when you do visit Sports Booking.


Why canʼt I get the full weekly programme in a printed format?
Our online system gives us the flexibility to change or add activities at short notice, and ensure that everyone is informed. Any changes or extra activities can be easily communicated via the app on your tablet or phone, computer or info screens. Offering a printed programme in Sports Booking for a maximum of three days ahead allows us to offer a more accurate overview. All of this new tech-nology ensures greater flexibility and gives us a unique opportunity to care better for our guests’ needs.  

The online programme will always be kept completely up to date. A print option is available directly via our website.

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When can I start to book?
It will be possible
 to book via the app or in Sports Booking from one hour after check-in in the reception. In the longer term, certain activities will be made available for more advanced booking, allowing you to book before you arrive, but this will not be an option in version 1.0.


What if I donʼt have an email address and donʼt want one either?
Use of our app requires that you have an email address to get a login. It also requires that you are willing to share it with us. The app cannot be used without an email address.

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Future opportunities and new features
We would like to point out that this is version 1.0 of our CLS booking app, and there are endless opportunities for the future. A smartphone contains lots of functions, which in the long term with great benefit can be integrated into our app, and we will continuously expand and improve our app in accordance with our customers’ feedback.

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