Superb conditions for swimming training

The conditions for swimming at Club La Santa are absolutely sublime, and many swimming clubs use us for training camps.


We can offer two swimming stadia with a total of three 50-metre pools and eight lanes in each pool. With a total of 24 lanes there is always room for you. There are proper timings for the serious swimmer at both ends of the two stadia. The water is naturally heated, and we use green energy from solar panels and underground here.


Would you like to swim in the Open Water? Train safely in calm water with a pleasant temperature in our lagoon. Wetsuits are vital in some seasons.


In Sports Booking you can borrow equipment for both children and adults for free. We have:

  • Speedo Aqua joggers (abdominal belt)
  • Speedo boards & hand paddles
  • Diving masks
  • Snorkles
  • Flippers
  • Armbands for children

Lessons and events


  • Free group lessons in swimming, for those who cannot swim, for those who want to improve their technique and for experienced swimmers
  • You can have lessons in all 4 swimming disciplines
  • Free group lessons in Open Water swimming in our safe lagoon
  • Become much better with a personal training and video recording from our sports & science department
  • Take part in one of our swimming weeks and pursue your interests with like-minded people; see more here

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Plenty of swimming training

Swimming is one of our most popular activities and with a huge variety of lessons, there is something for everyone. We have swimming lessons in all 4 swimming disciplines for both children and adults, as well as for beginners and experienced people. If you have never learned to swim, you have the opportunity with us. We have all the necessary equipment - just bring your swimsuit, goggles and a smile!

Our instructors are fully qualified and updated in the modern techniques and trends, so you are assured of the best swimming experience.

Of course you can also swim for yourself. There is always an available lane you can use in one of our three 50-metre pools.

Woman swimming in our 50m pool

Beginner swimming (adults)

We offer a 30-minute lesson for adults who cannot swim in the safe environment of the small pool in the Wellness Centre. You will be taught the basic techniques while overcoming any fear of water. Minimum age is 16-years- old.

kids and green teamers enjoying a flip and fun activity

Flip'n fun (Children)

Children learn new swimming skills and become more confident in the water while they are having fun with each other. Ages 6-15.

Yellow fins and paddles at the border of the pool

Flippers & Paddles

Looking for inspiration for new training methods. In this class we focus on the importance of the proper technique, and use equipment to support the exercises to improve your technique.

Open Water swimming

Are you training for your first triathlon and would like to be better at open water swimming? Or have you received training and would like to improve your open water technique? Try our three-part open water tuition and become markedly better.

The instructions take place in our safe lagoon where we practise the following skills:

  • Dealing with the fear and claustrophobia that can occur during a start in what we know as the "Washing machine"
  • Navigation and the ability to swim between buoys
  • Speed and/or the minimisation of energy consumption
  • Maintain good rhythm and momentum when turning around buoys
  • Effective wetsuit swimming by adjusting your stroke, so they work with and not against the suit’s rubber coating
  • Strategy for various open water conditions, both technical and mental

You get continuous personal feedback on your skills so that you can work on them at home, if necessary, or in the pool, if you do not have access to open water conditions.

Water polo

Our 50-metre swimming pools can also be used for water polo. Water Polo is not a fixed part of Club La Santa's activity programme, but it is of course possible for groups to play. Contact Sports Booking and learn more about the possibilities.

Swimming events

Club La Santa organises year-round swimming events and themes in different contexts. Below is a small selection of the upcoming events and you can see all our scheduled events, and book a place and pay.

There are limited places, so if you want to attend an event, book a place today!



See the other activities at Club La Santa

Go directly to the other activities you see below or go to the activity overview.

Triathlete cycling on asphalt road during IRONMAN Lanzarote 2019

Triathlon & Tri-training camps and facilities

Club La Santa is every triathletes dream with three 50 metre swimming pools, a salt water lagoon, bike centre with free and rental bikes, Pro Peloton Bike Mechanic Workshop, kilometres of quiet asphalt roads, a brand new CONIPUR Vmax running track, great on and off road running terrain and a fully equipped fitness centre.

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Woman running in our stadium on a sunny day


Start your day with our Green Team and other guests for a morning run around the track or lagoon. We also offer evening off road and hill runs to finish your day in style as well as running technique and track sessions.

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instructor doing the class of body pump outdoor at club la santa

Fitness & functional training

Club La Santa offers the ultimate fitness holiday, with plenty of aerobics, dance and functional training in groups, led by qualified and inspiring instructors.

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Playing football at 5-a-side

Ball Games

Ball games in a broad sense are very popular and our weekly programme offers many activities. The facilities are good enough for the best, and we are often visited by top teams who use us for training camps before the start of the season.

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Woman in downer dog during a hatha yoga class

Yoga, for the body & mind

Why not try Hatha, Flow or Aerial Yoga while on holiday at Club La Santa, as well as sessions with stretching, massage and recovery.

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Deportes de Raqueta

Si te encantan los deportes de raqueta, el Club La Santa es el sitio perfecto. Contamos con instalaciones y equipamiento de la mejor calidad para que disfrutes jugando al tenis, pádel, tenis de mesa, tenis de espuma, bádminton y squash.

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girl diving with sea urchins in both hands

Diving and Snorkelling

La Santa Diving, the local diving school, led by the now legendary "diver Johnny". La Santa Diving offers diving lessons, snorkelling safari and SCUBA diving.

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Smiley man kayaking in the lagoon

Windsurf, Kayak & SUP

Learn to windsurf in safe conditions in our beautiful secluded lagoon or take a trip in a kayak or on a Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) board. We have equipment for both children and adults and for beginner to advanced levels.

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Arrive on any day of the week. If you have any questions, call us on 34 928 599996.

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