Sports Performance Studio

At the Sports Performance Studio our experts are ready to help you achieve your goals within swimming, biking or running. Through dedicated focus, data and technology we can help you improve your performance.

Besides one to one services as bike fits and video analysis, we also coordinate endurance-based Training camps and weeks focusing on Swim, Bike, Run and Triathlon.

You can book and pay for your session in Sports Booking after you have checked in. For any enquiries, please contact us on 


Sports Performance Studio is located here.

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Swim Video Analysis

Improve your stroke efficiency and maximise your training potential with a swim video analysis.

We will video you swimming from four different angles, review the footage and advise you on technique adjustments to help you swim smarter and faster.



1 person 55 minutes: 99€

Running Analysis

Improve your running technique and minimise your risk of injuries with a running video analysis.

We will video you running, review the footage and give you tips, techniques and exercises to help you improve your running speed and efficiency and avoid injuries.



1 person 60 minutes: 99€

Static Bike Fits

  • Through static measurements we find the best matching bike based on accurate and reproducible anatomical measurements of the rider. 
  • Measurements allow accurate calculation of saddle height, reach, and handlebar width. 
  • On, we can compare those numbers to over 60 brands and 3000 frames to determine the correct bike suited for your measures. 
  • Printout of the measurement report available as a summary. 



1 Person 45 mins: 29,99€ 



Pedal Stroke Analysis

  • 3D Pedalling Analyser enabling an in-depth assessment of performance. 
  • Power output measurements including the direction of force applied to the pedals at every 7 degrees of the crank revolution, both left and right. 
  • Analyse left/right imbalances. 
  • Insight into how effective a riderpedalling technique is. 
  • See everything in REAL-TIME. 
  • Recommendations can be given for changes in cleat adjustment and potential insole requirements based on the findings of the analysis. 



1 Person 1,5 hours: 99 

Dynamic Bike Fit

All elements of Static Bike Fit included PLUS: 

  • Enhanced postural assessment, joint ranges, muscular flexibility and strength and injury history.  
  • 3D-Video analysis to record pre & post bike fit positions. 
  • Motion analyser which incorporates body-specific data, joint freedom, muscular flexibility checks to further optimise bike position. 
  • Shimano Dynamics Lab-technology ensuring the most exact Realtime Biometric Analysis. 



1 person 2,5 hours: 169€

All-Inclusive Performance Package

  • The All-Inclusive Performance Package includes all aspects of Static Bike Fit, Dynamic Bike Fit and Pedal Analysis.  
  • A comprehensive report summarising all components to the session is included with recommendations for Flexibility, Mobility and Strength. 



1 person 4 hours: 269€

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Cycling at Club La Santa
04/11 - 17/11 2022

International Bike Weeks

The well-known hosts of the bike week will lead you through the fantastic volcanic landscape of Lanzarote. There will be lots of interesting climbs and challenges that will test your legs.

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Swimming at Club La Santa
02/12 - 15/12 2022

Master's Swim Camp

Learn new skills and reinforce old skills while improving your overall swim fitness on this Master Swim Camp. For all abilities.

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Cycling at Club La Santa
06/01 - 19/01 2023

Andy Cook Bike Weeks

Andy Cook will share his broad range of cycling experience with participants, helping them improve their own technique and training while taking on Lanzarote's varied terrain.

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20/01 - 26/01 2023

Running Week

Club La Santa are happy to announce the return of our running week. Come join our coaches for a week filled with training, education and sore legs.

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20/01 - 26/01 2023

Women's Bike Week

A newly introduced Women's Bike Week at Club La Santa. Join a week of good training to gain more knowledge and become better on the bike.

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27/01 - 02/02 2023

Open Water Swim Camp w/ Uswim

Learn how you personally should sight, about breathing patterns, front crawl technique, wetsuit fitting and race tactics for both triathletes and those racing open water competition.

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Training Camps at Club La Santa
27/01 - 02/02 2023

Women's Only Triathlon Camp

Tanja Slater gives you the opportunity to kick start your winter training in preparation for the 2023 race season or even introduce you to the sport of triathlon.

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Training Camps at Club La Santa
03/02 - 09/02 2023

Spring Triathlon Camp

Club La Santa and are teaming up to provide a structured training week aimed at triathletes working towards various distances.

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