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Swim Video Analysis


Improve your stroke efficiency and maximise your training potential with a swim video analysis.

We will video you swimming from three different angles, review the footage and advise you on technique adjustments to help you swim smarter and faster.



1 person 60 minutes: 99€

Get a 25 minutes follow-up meeting after 48 hours for 25€

Running Analysis


Improve your running technique and minimise your risk of injuries with a running video analysis.

We will video you running, review the footage and give you tips, techniques and exercises to help you improve your running speed and efficiency and avoid injuries.



1 person 60 minutes: 99

Static Bike Fit

  • Static Measurements are being taken as an efficient and effective procedure to find the matching bike based on accurate and reproducible anatomical measurements of the rider. 
  • Measurements allow accurate calculation of saddle height, reach, handlebar width. 
  • Measurements can be input into the extensive database which translates those numbers to over 60 brands and 3000 frames to determine the correct bike. 
  • Printout of the measurement report available as a summary. 



1 Person 45 mins: 29,99€ 

Dynamic Bike Fit

All elements of Static Bike Fit included PLUS: 

  • Enhanced postural assessment, joint ranges, muscular flexibility and strength and injury history.  
  • 3D-Video analysis to record pre & post bike fit positions. 
  • Motion analyser which incorporates body-specific data, joint freedom, muscular flexibility checks to further optimise bike position. 
  • Shimano Dynamics Lab-technology ensuring the most exact Realtime Biometric Analysis. 



1 person 2,5 hours: 169€

Pedal Stroke Analysis

  • 3D Pedalling Analyser enabling an in-depth assessment of performance. 
  • Power output measurements including the direction of force applied to the pedals at every 7 degrees of the crank revolution, both left and right. 
  • Analyse left/right imbalances. 
  • Insight into how effective a riderpedalling technique is. 
  • See everything in REAL-TIME. 
  • Recommendations can be given for changes in cleat adjustment and potential insole requirements based on the findings of the analysis. 



1 Person 1,5 hours: 99 

All-Inclusive Performance Package

  • The All-Inclusive Performance Package includes all aspects of Static Bike Fit, Dynamic Bike Fit and Pedal Analysis.  
  • A comprehensive report summarising all components to the session is included with recommendations for Flexibility, Mobility and Strength. 



1 person 4 hours: 269€

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