Lots of runs in beautiful countryside

Start the day with a morning run around the lagoon with the Green Team and many other guests. The Morning runs follow our 8:00am morning workout and are a great way to kick start a new day at Club La Santa.


Throughout the week the Green Team organise many different running activities: a running technique session, interval training at the stadium, 8 km Hill Run and Off Road runs and a 12 km off road run. Everything is free to join in and gives you the chance to meet other running enthusiasts, as well as enjoy the beautiful scenery around Club La Santa.


The area surrounding Club La Santa is excellent for running in with varying surfaces and terrain, you can run by the ocean or inland around the volcanoes. All of the routes are also safe as there is very little traffic. 

Free running camp


Would you like to improve your running? Then try our free "running camp" class. Here you will be introduced to running theory and a number of techniques that will challenge you and your understanding of running.


Personal instruction


Our running technique coaching has been designed to enable athletes of all levels to make improvements to their running style. By carrying out analysis we then offer drills strength and conditioning and cues to assist runners and triathletes to make improvements to their running biomechanics.


We also offer a running guide service taking you out and helping you familiarise yourself with some of Lanzarote´s best running routes and off road trails.



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Running theme weeks and events

Every year Club La Santa organises many running events, or where running is included, such as the International Running Challenge, Lanzarote Marathon, Off-road Marathon, Ridge Run, Multi Terrain 3 Stage Marathon, International Club La Santa Duathlon, Volcano Triathlon, as well as the legendary IRONMAN LANZAROTE & IRONMAN 70.3 LANZAROTE, which attracts amateur and elite athletes from around the world.

Below is a small selection of the upcoming running events.


See the other activities at Club La Santa

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Triathlete cycling on asphalt road during IRONMAN Lanzarote 2019

Triathlon & Tri-training camps and facilities

Doing your first Ironman or other type of triathlon? Or just looking for training partners? We offer expertise, coaching, camps and events at different distances.

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A group looking out to sea during open water swimming training

Open Water Swimming

Are you training for your first triathlon and would like to improve your open water swimming? Or have you received training and would like to improve your open water technique? So try our open water instruction and become noticeably better.

More about swimming

Swimming Training

Conditions for swimming training are absolutely sublime. We can offer two swimming stadia with a total of three 50-metre pools. Of course, the water is heated.

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All inclusive sport at Club La Santa

Cycling holidays in beautiful countryside

Great cycling holidays with great routes in a beautiful, hilly and varied landscape through villages, along vineyards and between volcanoes and the ocean.

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instructor doing the class of body pump outdoor at club la santa

Fitness & functional training

Club La Santa offers the ultimate fitness holiday, with plenty of aerobics, dance and functional training in groups, led by qualified and inspiring instructors.

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Woman in downer dog during a hatha yoga class

Yoga, for the body & mind

Why not try Hatha, Flow or Aerial Yoga while on holiday at Club La Santa, as well as sessions with stretching, massage and recovery.

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Playing football at 5-a-side

Ball Games

Ball games in a broad sense are very popular and our weekly programme offers many activities. The facilities are good enough for the best, and we are often visited by top teams who use us for training camps before the start of the season.

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Racket sports

If you love racket sports during your holiday then Club La Santa is the place. We have top quality facilities and equipment, so you can enjoy tennis, padel tennis, beach tennis, table tennis, foam tennis, badminton and squash.

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