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Body Bike is an indoor cycling sport in teams that combines fast and motivating music with aerobic and anaerobic training and finishes with a thorough cool down and stretching session.


We have a Body Bike team every day, and a variety of team classes that are targeted at different levels. Below you can see a description of the teams you can join.


The class lasts 45 minutes: 5-minute introduction/setup, 35 minutes riding, 5 minutes cooling/stretching. During the first 5 minutes the instructor will demonstrate how to set the bike up and ride optimally on it. If you are new to indoor cycling, you should inform the instructor on arrival. The 35 minute class has regular liquid breaks. You are required to bring your own water. Towels are available in the gym.


This group is one step above beginner level. The class last 50 minutes and it consists of 45 minutes of training followed by 5 minutes of cooldown and stretching. This class has fewer breaks and also runs at a higher intensity than the beginner group. To participate in this class you MUST have done Body Bike before.


The advanced group is again one step up and is one level above "experienced". Here maximum pressure is placed on fitness and riding is at a high intensity and fierce resistance on the bike. It is important that you have tried Body Bike before and you have a relatively high level of physical fitness. The group class lasts 1 hour; 55 minutes of cycling with 5 minute cooldown and stretching at the end. The class has very few breaks and some instructors hold no breaks and have a very high intensity.



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Warmth and sunshine all year round - perfect for sport and exercise.

Cycling events

Club La Santa organises year-round events and theme weeks with cycling in different contexts. Below is a small selection of the upcoming events, which you can book places on.

There are limited places, so if you want to attend an event, book your place today!


See the other activities at Club La Santa

Go directly to the other activities you see below or go to the activity overview.


Ball Games

Ball games in a broad sense are very popular and our weekly programme offers many activities. The facilities are good enough for the best, and we are often visited by top teams who use us for training camps before the start of the season.

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Racket sports

If you love racket sports during your holiday then Club La Santa is the place. We have top quality facilities and equipment, so you can enjoy tennis, padel tennis, beach tennis, table tennis, foam tennis, badminton and squash.

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instructor doing the class of body pump outdoor at club la santa

Fitness & functional training

Club La Santa offers the ultimate fitness holiday, with plenty of aerobics, dance and functional training in groups, led by qualified and inspiring instructors.

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Yoga, for the body & mind

Why not try Hatha, Flow or Aerial Yoga while on holiday at Club La Santa, as well as sessions with stretching, massage and recovery.

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Swimming Training

Conditions for swimming training are absolutely sublime. We can offer two swimming stadia with a total of three 50-metre pools. Of course, the water is heated.

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girl diving with sea urchins in both hands

Diving and Snorkelling

La Santa Diving, the local diving school, led by the now legendary "diver Johnny". La Santa Diving offers diving lessons, snorkelling safari and SCUBA diving.

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All inclusive sport at Club La Santa

Cycling holidays in beautiful countryside

Great cycling holidays with great routes in a beautiful, hilly and varied landscape through villages, along vineyards and between volcanoes and the ocean.

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windsurfing girl 4-3.jpg

Surf & Kayak

Learn to windsurf in safe conditions in a beautiful secluded lagoon, and take a trip in a kayak or Stand Up Paddle board. We have equipment for both children and adults, beginners and advanced.

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