Club La Santa - a high-end training destination for track athletes

With the complete refurbishment of the track at Club La Santa opening from September 2020, we have taken every step to include the newest and latest technology from leading industry providers. We have made steps to provide the best training conditions for both professional track athletes and leisure runners, with dedicated running surfaces for both.


For safety reasons, we will not be able to facilitate discus and hammer throw in our athletics stadium.


We can accommodate handicapped athletic athletes. For shot put and javelin throw, international standard wheelchair fastening anchors are available and can be provided.

Conica CONIPUR Vmax - the limit is only your own

This new running surface promises you the conditions for you to perform your very best. With SPEED-SAFETY-STABILITY as it's tagline, the variable of the running surface is taken out of the equation. Club La Santa provides you with the best, highly technical, very sophisticated running surface, so your times are only defined by your own limits. Furthermore we have divided the tracks into training and leisure lanes. Athletic groups will not be disturbed by other runners, as they have an outer lane with dedicated surface for leisure running.

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Outer track for leisure running

We have incorporated a dedicated 450m outer running lane with a width of 3.60m-4.00m to our athletics stadium. This surface is dedicated to leisure running due to the hardness of the surface. Track surface normally has a shock absorption effect of 40%. If you go to a normal running track with running shoes made for trails or asphalt, with cushioning effects of approx. 15% and 10% respectively, this can lead to knee and hip damage. Many people do come to running tracks with their normal, soft running shoes from home. For this reason we have laid out the outer running track with a surface that has shock absorption of at most 20%, half as much as normal running track surface, to spare your hips and knees.

There is a leading light strip on the outer running lane to accommodate evening runs.

Polytan SmarTracks - the newest benchmark technology is here

Runners and track athletes can be benchmarked in so many different ways, depending on the data you wish to receive. With Polytan SmarTracks we have made it possible to receive all this data by wearing a belt that tracks your motion in relation to the running track. This will be incorporated on the outer two 110m sprint lanes, the inner lane, and the 45m runway for triple- and long jump. The data will be available in real-time on computers or smartphones connected to the internet. Multiple groups can use the technology at the same time. Individual guests are also able to use this feature. 

SmarTracks will also be incorporated into our 5-a-side surface which will allow custom agility tests and drills in sports such as football, handball and others.

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See the other activities at Club La Santa

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Playing football at 5-a-side

Ball Games

Ball games in a broad sense are very popular and our weekly programme offers many activities. The facilities are good enough for the best, and we are often visited by top teams who use us for training camps before the start of the season.

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Racket sports

If you love racket sports during your holiday then Club La Santa is the place. We have top quality facilities and equipment, so you can enjoy tennis, padel tennis, beach tennis, table tennis, foam tennis, badminton and squash.

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instructor doing the class of body pump outdoor at club la santa

Fitness & functional training

Club La Santa offers the ultimate fitness holiday, with plenty of aerobics, dance and functional training in groups, led by qualified and inspiring instructors.

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Woman in downer dog during a hatha yoga class

Yoga, for the body & mind

Why not try Hatha, Flow or Aerial Yoga while on holiday at Club La Santa, as well as sessions with stretching, massage and recovery.

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Swimming Training

Conditions for swimming training at Club La Santa are sublime. We have three 50 metre heated swimming pools with a total of 24 lanes. We offer a complete programme of swimming instructions and training sessions throughout the week for all abilities and ages (5 years +)

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girl diving with sea urchins in both hands

Diving and Snorkelling

La Santa Diving, the local diving school, led by the now legendary "diver Johnny". La Santa Diving offers diving lessons, snorkelling safari and SCUBA diving.

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All inclusive sport at Club La Santa

Cycling holidays

Great cycling holidays with superb routes in a beautiful, hilly and varied landscape. You will ride through villages, past vineyards, between volcanos and beside the ocean.

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Smiley man kayaking in the lagoon

Windsurf, Kayak & SUP

Learn to windsurf in safe conditions in our beautiful secluded lagoon or take a trip in a kayak or on a Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) board. We have equipment for both children and adults and for beginner to advanced levels.

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