Fitness holidays with functional training, dancing & aerobics

Fitness, dance, aerobics and functional training in the heat of the sun with views of the roaring Atlantic Ocean and beautiful volcanoes.


Does that sound tempting?


So come and take advantage of the great conditions at Club La Santa for activities with music and various forms of movement.


Classes with fitness, dance and functional training are among the most popular activities at Club La Santa, and we have a tradition of high quality classes with skilled instructors.


Most clases take place outdoors on either the "5-a-side" court or the new "Vulcano" and "Laguna" areas. And of course it's free to take part.

  • Plenty of aerobics activities every day, with dancing, zumba, step and much more
  • Functional training ranges from “Barefoot fitness” to “TRX” and “X-fit”
  • Everything is toally free to use and participate in; we call it “all sport inclusive”
  • New and modern facilities for both large and small groups

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Challenging and fun group activities

Group activities at Club La Santa are often a mixture of aerobics, functional training, fitness and fitness dance. We are constantly renewing and improving our group classes and activities, so the following is only a guide to the types of activities we offer. Our current weekly programme is always available online to get an insight into what we have to offer right now.

Fitness classes

instructor doing the class of body pump outdoor at club la santa


You can also do the original Les Mills training with us and our instructors are of course certified. As most other things it is completely free of charge. Duration: 55-60 minutes.

More about Les Mills classes here
a class doing pilates infront of cls arena at club la santa

Pilates, Aerial Pilates & Pilates Reformer

We offer 3 types of Pilates: regular Pilates, Aerial Pilates, as well as Pilates Reformer with a Reformer machine. Duration: Pilates 50 min, Aerial Pilates 60 min, Pilates Reformer 90 min.

More about Pilates Reformer etc., here

Man Zumba dancing at Club La Santa


Zumba® invites you to Latin America. It has energetic music, salsa, reggae tones, cumbia and much more. Simple choreography with sweat on your forehead, swinging hips and a smile on your face. Duration: 50 min.

More about zumba® here
Girls dancing at club la santa


Dance classes for everyone. You will learn the choreography from scratch set to a particular piece of music. Depending on the instructor’s choice the style can be Hip Hop, Contemporary, jazz, Latin, afro or one of many other popular rhythms. Duration: 50 minutes.

Fitness holidays at Club La Santa, Lanzarote

Ultimate Abs

In this workout you will strengthen and tone the whole of your core with or without equipment. Duration: 40 min.


Body Bike

Body Bike is indoor cycling, adapted to beginners and advanced participants. The beginners class briefly introduces you to the principle of the Body Bike, setting and safety when using the bike. Common to both the beginners and advanced class is the focus on fitness. The training takes place in blocks where the intensity increases with short intervals. Duration: 45-50 minutes.


Deep Water Aqua

You are equipped with a belt and a set of dumb bells. Then it is about big movements where Range of Motion is paramount to load. The class is gentle on the muscles and joints, and not least it’s fun. Since gravity is put out of play, it becomes a whole new - and different way to move yourself. Duration: 30 minutes.




Fitball is a unique strength and balance workout, where stability and core training is paramount. It is a 50-minute workout that has functionality in focus. The use of Fitball ensures the possibility of a graduation of the training. This means that the workout is suitable for everyone - regardless of level. Duration: 50 minutes.

female instructor and a class behind in the hulahoop class

Hula Hoop

A fun class that challenges you on your ability to keep your Hula Hoop spinning while you are doing basic, functional exercises. Duration: 30 minutes.

sup balance.jpg

SUP Fitness

At S.U.P. fitness you will perform different fitness exercises on a Stand Up Paddle Board. The S.U.P. is an unstable platform which acts as a form of balance trainer, increasing the intensity of every exercise - lots of fun! You must be able to swim! Minimum age: 15 years. Duration: 55 min.

Club-La-Santa2015-©JamesMitchell-7519.jpg (1)

Morning gymnastics

Every morning at 8.00, we get the day and body moving with the classic Club La Santa morning gymnastics. And yes, the music is the same as in the old days. There is a large attendance of happy people every morning. Duration: 15 min.


Senior group doing easy line circuit training

Senior circuit training

The group that focuses on strength training for the whole body. The class changes depending on the instructor, but the fitness centre’s Easy Line equipment is always used. The equipment works so the more you give, the more resistance you will experience. In practice, this means that the training involves quality regardless of strength level. Minimum age 50-years-old. Duration: 40 minutes.

reebok step class at club la santa


A high-energy class where we use the Reebok step platform. You can choose from 4 levels of difficulty in relation to choreography. Duration: 50 min.

Functional training

female doing barefoot fitness

Barefoot Fitness

Barefoot Fitness is the basic functional strength training, where you work on your own body weight. As the name suggests, all training is without shoes. Duration: 50 minutes.

woman wearing boxing gloves hitting and enjoying the circuit

Intro to Boxing Circuit

Training gets its inspiration from boxing. We start with basic movements and combinations from the boxing world. In addition, the central focus of the class is to boost fitness and perform functional strength of the whole body.


trx Class suspension functional training

TRX suspension

TRX training is whole body workout with specific focus on a strong core. You use a suspension trainer that can be used for working out the whole body. We work with many types of progression, which makes the class suitable for all. Duration: 50 min.

More about TRX training here
Girl lifting kettle bell during Function training class

Functional Training

In these sessions, everything from body weight, to medicine ball, boxing, kettle bells, dumbbells or something else entirely is used. The class is divided into blocks. It is high intensity and aims for quality of movement. The focus is to improve strength and stamina. Duration: 75 minutes.


A choice of fitness classes and functional training every day.

Arrive on any day of the week

Events with fitness, dancing and functional training


Club La Santa organises year-round events and theme weeks with fitness, dancing and functional training.


Below is a small selection of the upcoming events, and you can see all our planned events with fitness and functional training here, and book a place and pay.


There are limited places, so if you would like to take part in an event, book a place today!

Personal instruction


It is possible to get personal instruction from one of our experienced instructors in all types of aerobics, dance and functional training.


Learn more and book a time in Sports Booking at Club La Santa.


See the other activities at Club La Santa

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Woman in downer dog during a hatha yoga class

Yoga, for the body & mind

Why not try Hatha, Flow or Aerial Yoga while on holiday at Club La Santa, as well as sessions with stretching, massage and recovery.

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Playing football at 5-a-side

Ball Games

Ball games in a broad sense are very popular and our weekly programme offers many activities. The facilities are good enough for the best, and we are often visited by top teams who use us for training camps before the start of the season.

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girl diving with sea urchins in both hands

Diving and Snorkelling

La Santa Diving, the local diving school, led by the now legendary "diver Johnny". La Santa Diving offers diving lessons, snorkelling safari and SCUBA diving.

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Racket sports

If you love racket sports during your holiday then Club La Santa is the place. We have top quality facilities and equipment, so you can enjoy tennis, padel tennis, beach tennis, table tennis, foam tennis, badminton and squash.

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All inclusive sport at Club La Santa

Cycling holidays

Great cycling holidays with superb routes in a beautiful, hilly and varied landscape. You will ride through villages, past vineyards, between volcanos and beside the ocean.

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Swimming Training

Conditions for swimming training at Club La Santa are sublime. We have three 50 metre heated swimming pools with a total of 24 lanes. We offer a complete programme of swimming instructions and training sessions throughout the week for all abilities and ages (5 years +)

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Smiley man kayaking in the lagoon

Windsurf, Kayak & SUP

Learn to windsurf in safe conditions in our beautiful secluded lagoon or take a trip in a kayak or on a Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) board. We have equipment for both children and adults and for beginner to advanced levels.

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Fitness Centre

Our Fitness Centre is fully equipped with top of the range cardio equipment, weight-lifting machines and free weights.

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What is functional training?

Functional training has its origins in rehabilitation. Physical and Occupational therapists often use this approach to retrain patients with movement disorders. Interventions are designed to incorporate task and context specific practice in areas meaningful to each patient, with an overall goal of functional independence. For example, exercises that mimic what patients did at home or work may be included in treatment in order to help them return to their lives or jobs after an injury or surgery.

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