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Sally Walker offers health, hormone, weight and wellness workshops, treatments and profiles. Sally Walker is a Hormone expert, Pysiotherapist, Acupuncturist, Nutritional Advisor and Life Coach. 

During your stay, you can join in one of Sally’s workshops or book a session for a hormone, food and health profile and obtain the tools and strategies you need to reach your goals.

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Body Shape Profiling for men and women – 20€

Do you want to burn tummy fat?

Do you want a flat stomach?

Do you want to increase muscle mass, strength and performance levels?

Do you need to increase bone mass or just maintain what you have?

During this 120 minute workshop, you will get a clear picture of the above and strategies for improvement.

Women – Hormone balance after 40 – 20€

From the age of 40, hormone levels start declining and symptoms gradually increase.

You may be experiencing loss of interest, passion and energy for life, suddenly sad for no reason, more forgetful, unusually anxious, low sexual desire, not feeling sexy, a good nights sleep is something of the past, fat collecting around the tummy, drying out all over the place and hot flushes.

Come to Sally Walkers 120 minute workshop and discover what you can do change this. Sally say’s “Aging is inevitable, but how you age is under your control”.

You will receive a hormone test so you can track your imbalances.

This workshop is very important if you’re interested in how to age strong, sexy and passionate.

Men - Maintain Power and Performance after 45 – 20€

Testosterone levels peak around the age of 30 and by the time you get to 45, the tell-tale signs of lower testosterone begin to show their not so pretty faces.

You may notice things such as increased tummy fat, man boobs, decreasing muscle mass, a morning erection that isn’t what it used to be or low sex drive in general. Your energy levels are lower, you’re more cautious than usual, you may even feel a bit depressed, the grumpy old man syndrome.

Come to Sally Walkers 120 minute workshop and find out what you can do change this. Sally says “Aging is inevitable, but how you age is under your control”. You will receive a hormone test so you can track your imbalances.

This workshop is very important if you are interested in your masculine health and vitality.

Slow aging - 20€

As we age our bodies begin to break down, we can’t prevent this from happening but can we slow it down?

Come to Sally’s talk and find out which bio-mechanisms are aging you, making you fat, breaking you down and how you support the ones that will keep you young and fit.

During the talk Sally will go through measurements which can reveal the level of your health and which foods, supplements and lifestyle choices will slow your aging.

What people are saying about the workshops:

“First time I really understand why my body is doing what it's doing and how to fix it. Thank you" – Peter DK

“Sally empowers you with information you can take home and use – super talk" – Susan UK

“Wow we learned so much. Thank you" – David & Julie Ireland

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Profiles & Treatments

2-hour – Hormone, Food, & Health Profile – 150€ - 

An extensive overview of your hormone imbalances based on an comprehensive questionnaire and any recent blood tests from the doctor or other tests.

We will use this information to create a plan for improvement, in areas like diet, supplements, lifestyle habits such as sleep, exercise, mental strategies and much more.

A subsequent 3 months e-mail support is also included in the price. 


Sports Physiotherapy and Acupuncture – 60€

For those of you with joint or muscle pain and acute or chronic problems.

A combination of treatment principles from East and West.

Cosmetic Physiotherapy and Acupuncture – 60€

An amazing anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and anti-stress treatment, fantastic for sun tired skin.

Perfect for those who want to indulge on their holiday.


Individual D-Tox, Fasting & Hormone Week Programs

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Sally Walker is an independent consultant.


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